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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by cactusgotamac, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. cactusgotamac macrumors newbie

    Jun 14, 2009
    Im thinking of getting a bigger hard drive (500gb WD scorpio blue) for my macbook (mid 2007) and just wondering since i don't have the install disks but I am getting a retail osx leopard, can I clean install leopard in this new hard drive? I know I need to format hard drive first, but i don't want to get an external case to clone my hard drive and fresh install. I want to install the new snow leopard in this hard drive, so it wold be nice to get the process from installing new hard drive with snow leopard.
  2. Phil Lee macrumors 6502

    Mar 19, 2008
    Manchester, UK
    When I upgraded the hard disk on my MacBook Pro, I fitted it unformatted, booted from the installation DVD and followed the on-screen prompts to install OS X. It was very straight forward.
  3. cactusgotamac thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jun 14, 2009
    see that's the thing, i dont have the install disk. so I guess my question is, will retail copy of leopard let you format a new hard drive and Im guessing no. I guess ill just have to buy and external case or maybe installer disk on ebay.
  4. rjphoto macrumors 6502a


    Mar 7, 2005
    I'm sort of planning the same thing. I've already got a new drive in my "NEW" (to me) MacBook with a fresh install of 10.4.11.

    I'm planning on wiping the HD and install the new OS and iLife.

    The Retail disc should let you do that. I did it with 10.3 when it came out.
  5. GfulDedFan macrumors 65816


    Oct 17, 2007
    The retail Leopard disk includes Disk Utility so you can format and partition your hard drive if you boot to it. Just click on Tools from the menu at the top and then Disk Utility. Select your internal disk and Format (Tab) it for Mac Extended (Journaled) and Partition (Tab) it as 1 partition and (click option button) a GUID partition scheme. Oh, and name it. -GDF

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