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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by hehejames, Jun 11, 2009.

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    Jun 9, 2009
    Now... here's my situation. I've been busy and my Mac Pro is still sitting inside the box (Stock 8-Core 3.2 with 2GB of ram and 500GB HDD with 8800). Yeah, it's crazy but it's been like that for at least 5 months. I wish the new 2.93GHz was there instead.

    I'm ready to configure and power up the baby, but seeking your opinion and expertise to have the perfect configuration especially with the HDD and using both OSX and XP or Vista.

    As mentioned briefly, I'm just a business user. I do not use 3D apps or CS3/4 and etc., but my day to day apps are * Parallels to fire up Windows (to connect to work VPN), Entourage, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, remote desktop and Firefox. Usually, multiple Firefox instances are up with each having like 30+ tabs open, huge excel files consisting of macros and 20,000 lines+ and multiple powerpoints/word and etc.

    What is the ultimate setup for HDD to have a smooth computing experience? I have the following in my possession. (The stock machine + 16GB of additional RAM, two (2) additional 1TB WD Black Drives and the 1TB TimeCapsule).

    - Per the forum, I've seen users install OSX and Apps on HDD (1) and the home folder on HDD (2). is it better to do it like that or have OSX/Apps/Home folder on HDD (1), but just create a new directory/folder on HDD (2) and save all data there?

    - What would you do with HDD (3)? Internal back-up drive and use the 1TB TimeCapsule for Time machine back-up? or

    - Go with HDD (1) for OS/Apps, HDD (2) and (3) for home folder/data in RAID 0 and use TimeCapsule (4) for Time machine back-up?

    - Solution 1: Assign/use 500GB as HDD (1) for OS/Apps, 1TB HDD (2) for Data, 1TB HDD (3) for internal back-up and (4) 1TB TimeCapsule for TimeMachine backup? For this, I should move the home folder to HDD (2)?

    - Solution 2: Assign/use 500GB as HDD (1) for OS/Apps, 1TB HDD (2) and 1TB HDD (3) configured as RAID 0 and (4) 1TB TimeCapsule for TimeMachine backup?

    - Solution 3: Assign/use 1TB HDD (1) and 1TB HDD (2) in RAID 0 for OS/Apps/Home folder and data? In such case, use the 500GB (HDD 3) for BootCamp? Back up would be done using the 1TB (4) TimeCapsule?

    - Solution 4: Assign/use 1TB HDD (1) for OS/Apps, 1TB HDD (2) for home folder/data, use the 500GB (HDD 3) for BootCamp? Back up would be done using the 1TB (4) TimeCapsule?

    A few other questions:

    - I have experience with both Parallels and VM Fusion, but which one would run better using the Mac Pro?

    - For Parallels or VM Fusion, how much virtual memory or cores should you set?

    - Would you set a fixed HDD space on the virtual machine or set it as virtual/automatic?

    - The Mac Pro has dual GE port, would you connect both of them to the TimeCapsule? Can OSX leverage both ports simultaneously? or can it be only used as primary/secondary?

    - Lastly, what's the best application to synch-up data between the desktop and laptop? Either performed automatically or manually triggered?

    Looking forward to your opinion/feedback/comments and many thanks.
  2. Tesselator macrumors 601


    Jan 9, 2008
    I hear techs who are supposed to know what they are talking about say VMWare is better. I've tried both and I think VMWare is a bad joke compared to Parallels. <shrug>

    I forget VMWare's suggested amounts just now (it IS different) but Parallels tells you the suggested amount based on the VM and the RAM you have installed. Trying other settings is as simple as moving a slider.

    Mine is dynamically allocated.

    Well, I HAVE been drinking beer but I didn't think I was THAT drunk.. WTH is a GE Port? :confused: Oh wait, you mean the two NICs? (Gigabit Ethernet Ports?) :p (See I knew I wasn't that drunk :)) OSX Can leverage both ports simultaneously at full speed with no problems at all. For example 2 laptops doing 9.8 MB/s Up and 9.8 MB/s Down each (4 transfers going for a total of ~40 MB/s) and my CPUs don't even seem nudged more than the usual 2% ~ 6% overall. That's with two 100Base-T laptops.

    I dunno anything about time-capsule so I dunno if that could take advantage of them or not. <shrug>

    Folder syncs and such are too numerous and too much alike to make an honest recommendation. FolderSynchronizer for $40 is nice. SyncTwoFolders is working for me for free lately. Do a search on VersionTracker and see which one has the features you want I guess. If I remember right OS X has this built in as well that you can set up and schedule via AppleScript slash Automator. I think I remember looking at one example but didn't actually try it.
  3. iamcheerful macrumors 6502


    Oct 3, 2008
    if you meant LACP, yes you can.
    if you meant ... well, Tesselator has addressed it in his post. ;)

    As for HDD setup etc. Have you checked out the highly recommended read at --- by Lloyd L Chambers? If not have a read.

    As for syncing, depends how much data you are talking about. If it isn't too much (i.e. between 2GB - 5GB), I personally vote for Dropbox. You will have to check out Dropbox services to see if it suits your needs.

    If you intend to give Dropbox a go. May I kindly suggest that you use a friend's referral. This would get both of you an additional 256 MB of space. For those who do not have a friend to refer. You may use this referral link. (note: this isn't my referral link as i've managed to refer enough users to achieve the maximum given space for a free user.)

    p.s. I personally vote for Fusion over // but I still use both. You should try it out yourself and decide which you prefer.

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