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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by lexicaller, Dec 31, 2013.

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    Feb 8, 2013
    Hello ALL,
    I just baought 2nd hand Mac Mini. It already has Maverick running. Now, I wonder how can I start fresh: remove *all* that exists from the previous owner and start clean. Adding new user seems easy. However I would appreciate help and advice how to make this cleaning complete.

    Many thanks,
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    Wiping the hard drive and doing a fresh install would do want you want.
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    #3 holding the "alt" key when rebooting and go into "Recovery disk" and do the clean install from there.

    if you decide to do a reformat you will download the latest OS over the net, and this will take a while, there shouldn't be a need for that, unless you want a clean-clean mac. (the fast version do wipe all previous data but you can recover old data using software)
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    Here's something to try before you wipe the entire drive.

    If it's just the previous owner's accounts and data you wish to be rid of, go to "users and groups" and create a "new and clean" administrative account for yourself.

    Then, log into the newly-created account, and delete any other accounts already there. You will have the choice of archiving the old accounts or completely "wiping" them -- choose what you wish to do.

    This may or may not "clean out enough" of the old to suit you.
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    Before you do that, you need to launch the App Store application and "purchase" the free Mavericks update under your AppleID, because you will need it to do the install.

    Then just command-r boot to recovery and use Disk Util to erase Macintosh HD. Then quit Disk Util and click reinstall OS. You will be prompted for the AppleID you used to purchase Mavericks earlier.

    If you don't purchase Mavs before you do the erase you will be sunk.

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