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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by SurferMan, Jul 29, 2015.

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    Have had this thing for years, mid 09' 13" 2.53ghz etc, and actually still use it even though I have a 15" Retina. So awhile back I kept noticing the trackpad was getting hard and hard to press. Low and behold case of the swelling battery, it actually started separating the case as it apparently stripped the screws. New battery, new screw kit and replaced the rubber feet. New SSD and kept the WD 500gb I threw in there like 5 years ago for a mixed drive setup. Added 8GB of new Crucial Ram from the 4GB. Redoing my home theater and media so its being used as a server mainly for plex right now etc.

    Night and day difference, like a new computer. Yeah the Retina screen is better but as far as speed and and everything else basically no difference. I use Chrome a lot sometimes usually with multiple tabs open and two browsers etc, helped immensely with speed and page outs stay at 0.

    This is my warhorse, has survived the battlefield. Dogs have knocked it off a table, big water cup spilled on it when they were chasing each other and caught the power cord which in turn caught the cup (flipped upside down and stuck in bag of rice and somehow still works years later lol, even the keys still light up except the right side is fainter), its been dropped and scratched, lid as a dent that somehow didn't crack the screen it bears many scratches from its war wounds. Yet still solid and runs fine. If anything almost think its built better, I've gone through 3 Retinas two of which were replacements under warranty and has me hesitant to buy another as wanted to get a new 13" Pro since the 15" I rarely use as I have my desktop.

    Was wondering though, ok so we know how if you remove the battery the system runs at half speed with Apple. However I think that also applies when the battery is going bad which I haven't really seen mention of. B/c I did the other stuff then the battery last as waited for shipped on Prime. Computer still seemed slow with all the other upgrades, however new battery and it was kicking again. Wonder if Apples throttling back crap also applies with the battery still in vs out.
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    If you go to "About this Mac", an make your way to the battery section, you will discover that if that status of the battery saying something like "needs servicing", "inoperable", "needs replacing" or whatever the status is that says your battery is hosed, then the Mac will be running at 1/2 speed.
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    Yeah that makes sense. I only knew of it applying if you removed the battery, but the speed was definitely throttled back with it in even after the ram and ssd upgrade. I kinda kept forgetting to check it all this time but it said check battery. Came back from trip and noticed the case bulging, battery was swelling, actually popped apart stripping some screws and the track pad was pushed up instead of flush. For awhile the track pad was getting hard to press and thought it was failing, nope, was the battery slowly swelling lol.

    8GB ram and SSD and new battery was like a brand new computer, I mean my Retina is nice and screen is obviously better, but still cool this ol' 13" is still solid. Also put the Snow Leopard OS on it as ran leopard for years as it was reliable but got to the point where crap wasn't supported anymore (browsers etc). Not sure if I'll upgrade it, Mav wasn't available now and tried downloading it but was super super slow, and Yosemite seems to have iffy reviews on these C2D gen Macs.
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    I just got a mid 2015 rMBP about a month ago but prior to that I was running Yosemite on my wife's hand me down 15" mid 2009 with 8G RAM and the original 256G drive. Go brew a cup of coffee while it boots up but after that it runs like a champ and performance is fine. With yours having an SSD I'm guessing that wouldn't be a factor.

    The Yosemite upgrade process (before that it was Snow Leopard) took about an hour and the fans were howling while it was installing but in the end it went without a hitch.

    Anybody know what is going on in the background to cause it to get so warm? I did a reinstall on my new one and it did it also.


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