Fried my amplifier's power supply


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I just moved from Taiwan to Shanghai and started to install my computer, sound system and other electrical appliances.

Taiwan functions on 110V, whereas China is using 220V. So before I plugged in my amplifier (Marantz intergrated amplifier, model PM17SA/L1G), I did make sure that it was compatible with 220V.

When I plugged it in, I think I heard a small sound. I then tried to power it on, to no avail.

After I checked that I plugged the right power cable, etc. I realized that there is a small switch behind the amplifier to pick either 110V or 220V. Of course, it was still positioned on 110V. :eek:

I assume I fried the power supply. Is the amplifier totally lost? Or can I just replace the power supply? If so, how much could it cost for a Marantz amplifier?



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Jan 18, 2005
erk - Marantz gear is pretty well built, so you might be lucky and have only fried the PSU. Unless you have the expertise to know how to check if that is the limit of the problem, though, you should not attempt to repair it yourself as a: it could wind up being expensive, and b: you could wind up fried yourself - there can be some nasty voltages floating around in a PSU some time after it's unplugged.

Take it to your local Marantz dealer and get it looked at. If it was an expensive amp, then it'll probably be fixable and worth doing. If, however, it's one of the cheaper models, then it may not be economically viable to repair


Jan 15, 2003
The PM-17 is a pretty good amp, so it would almost certainly be worth repairing. Call the local Marantz service center and see what they think. With some gear, plugging it in with the wrong voltage set doesn't damage it--it just won't work. You might try switching it to the proper voltage and try turning it on again--it might just work.


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Feb 26, 2004
Maybe you just blew a fuse in the amp itself. I would try looking at that.
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