friend got his iphone 4 wet.

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    just the other day my friend dropped his iphone 4 (thank god with a case) and got it a little wet on the pavement sure enough is speakers just stopped working both for the ear piece and the bottom speaker his microphone works and he can still make calls and listen to music as long has headphones are plugged in.

    So he wants to know if there is any chance if no water censors have been triggered apple will replace it under his 1 year warranty.

    He just gonna play stupid and say the "it just stopped working" not even mention anything about water and hope they don't see any water damage on the censors in the pone.

    Has anyone had experience trying this? He has bought literally thousands of dollars worth of apple stuff over the past 5 years so he doesn't really feel bad trying to get it covered on his warranty.
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    If the phone was dropped on wet pavement the odds are that the damage was due to the force of impact instead of "water damage"- unless it was partially submerged. Either way, he really has nothing to lose by taking it in, right?

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