iPod Friend lost windows drive, has ipod, can she


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May 8, 2005
start from scratch with Ipod.

I searched but could not find info on this subject.

My friend lost her drive and had to start from scratch with a fresh Windows install. I am a Mac guy so am not much help to her. She lost All her files. Her Ipod has all her music.

If she downloads a new Itunes for windows and plugs her Ipod in, what will happen. Will she be able to simply transfer all her music from Ipod to Itunes and then sync that Ipod to her machine? Or will she lose everything? All the music in her world is on that Ipod and some cannot be replaced(I know she should have backed up) and I am just trying to help her reclaim hers tunes

any suggestions?



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Oct 15, 2007
Dont use any 3rd party program as it may result in infection with spywares and viruses.

Here is a detailed procedure that I stumbled upon myself after tweaking with the Control Panel.

1. Go to Control Panel, click on Folder Option, check "View Hidden Files" on the View tab.

2. Go to My Computer, open your iPod, and you should see a hidden folder called "Ipod Control" or something of the like. Go into the folder and you should see a folder named "Music"

3. If theres no "Music" folder, then there should be a bunch of folder named "FXX" (XX ranges from 00 to 99, depeding on how many songs you have). Drag all those folders into a folder of your choice.

4. Download iTunes, unplug the iPod, and tweak around iTunes to make sure that it arranges all music files for you.

The reason to auto arrange/organize for iTunes is because all files in iPod folder are renamed into random 4 letters such as ASRJ or IFBN. As soon as you drag all the songs form the desktop folder into iTunes then iTunes will automatically reorganize and rename every file accordingly.

PM me if you don't understand. I haven't used a PC for a while, but those are the steps I remembered from having the same problem as your friend.

Good Luck!

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