Friend's iPad needs a restore

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    Jul 30, 2003
    My friend has a 2 or 3 year-old iPad, not sure which model, as I haven't seen it yet.
    But, he gets a lot of odd lockups on a variety of apps, other weird things happening, never had a full restore since new.
    I'm pretty sure he is updated to iOS 9, but, again, I haven't touched it yet.

    He does not have any kind of computer, so no iTunes, only has the iPad (and an iPhone, but that's working fine according to him.)

    Can I restore HIS iPad, using iTunes on MY Mac? Will the restore just ask for his passcode, or will I also need his AppleID log and pass?
    Question: Can I do a full backup, erase and restore on an iPad that doesn't belong to me, using my Mac and iTunes, as long as I know HIS passcode/AppleID login?
    (I have never tried this with an iOS device that is not registered to me, and I'm trying to help this guy :D )
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    I have restored a friend's iPad on my Mac. His Mac was in for repairs, though his iPad was also backed up onto iCloud. As long as you have the id and password you should be ok.
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    Jul 30, 2003
    Sigh... :(
    The iPad is actually an iPad mini (3 years old, I think) Still on iOS 7.1.1
    Can't restore, because Find My iPad cannot be turned off. Password is either expired, or just wrong.
    The guy really messed up his AppleID:
    Setup originally using a hotmail account as the name, and also as the email for account support, when the iPad was new.
    Then, he had problems with his Hotmail account, and changed to a Gmail account. Changed the name of the account to reflect that, but never changed the contact email address, which is now dead.

    He can't remember the password, or the password is simply expired (maybe!)
    So, I tried changing AppleID password.
    He forgot the answers to the security questions, except for one (which is not enough to help).
    The credit card (his only card, used to setup AppleID payment) with swipe strip, was changed by bank to a chip card (and a different number). The new card number is not registered with AppleID, and the old number is not accepted by AppleID support, apparently there was another card, and he displosed a bunch of papers last year, maybe with credit card numbers.
    So, called Apple support. No password, the security questions are no good, and the OTHER security is the credit card to prove identification of the owner of the device and the account - is not accepted by Apple.
    Finally, because there's no access to the AppleID account, I can't do the restore that I was hoping to do, because I can't turn off Find My iPad service.

    TL;DR - Can't restore iOS because Find My iPad is locked on, can't authenticate AppleID account, and can't reset AppleID because security answers and C/C info are not available.
    But, iPad mostly works, the owner just can't add apps, and can't change many of the settings that are controlled by AppleID/iCloud.
    Any suggestions...?

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