From 2.16GHz to 2.33Ghz, worth $225?


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Oct 4, 2004
Oslo, Norway
Razorhog said:
Sweet, congrats yoak on buying a 2 footer! :D
Out of curiosity, where did you sell your 20"?
Thanks Razorhog. The same to you.
I sold it on the net. A site in Norway called, it´s Norway´s main place for second hand stuff. Everything from houses, cars, electrónics etc.
I choose that as opposed to a Mac related page, hoping to get a bit better price that way. The buyer wasn´t too fussed if it was Yonah or Merom, he just didn´t want to wait 2 weeks to get his iMac.


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Jun 10, 2006
I think that it is a ripoff and you should only do it if you have the money to spend. Basically that means if your rich and don't mind blowing 225$ on something that is almost pointless for someone like you, then go for it. Otherwise, stick with the 2.16.


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Oct 11, 2005
The Black Country, England
Razorhog said:
Is that difference in processor speed really worth the money?
If you are waiting until January, the 2.33Ghz processor will probably be standard in the 20" & 24" iMacs after MWSF going by the number of upgrades to the iMac line in the last 12 months.