From beginning to to put Windows XP SP3 on my new MacBook Pro?

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by pgruzdis, Sep 23, 2009.

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    Hi there!
    Thank you in advance for any help offered. I am completely new to Mac and need to be able to install Word Perfect (for work) onto my MacBook Pro. In order to do this, I believe I need to install Windows and was told the Windows XP SP3 was the way to go. Searched the internet and am confused by where to purchase reliably and what exactly I need and how to do it! Have Snow Leopard and Boot Camp. Can someone help me figure out where to get this Windows program and how to do this?? I will be eternally grateful! :) Thanks a bunch!
    pgruzdis (major Mac novice):eek:
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    You need a valid copy of windows xp SP2 or higher. You start bootcamp and partition the hard drive into 2 parts, you reboot with the windows cd in the drive and install windows on the partition called bootcamp.
    After windows is installed you can choose between booting in windows and OSX by holding the option (alt) key on bootup.
    The first time you use windows, insert your snow leopard cd and let it install the necessary windows drivers, reboot and after that install any windows programs you need.
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    Probably the easiest way would be to install Windows XP SP3 using Boot Camp. Then when you have everything installed in Windows that you need, ie antivirus software, updates, Word Perfect etc. Install either VM Ware or Parellels, choosing the Boot Camp drive during set up. After that you will be able to run Windows XP and Word Perfect inside OS X. You will probably have to validate both Windows XP and Word Perfect again after installing either Parallels or VM Ware.

    If it is just Word Perfect you are using, another solution could be a program called Cross Over. This allows you to install SOME Windows' programs directly into OS X, without having to install Windows or Boot Camp. I believe it is possible to install Word Perfect using Cross Over. Like Parallels and VM ware, you can install the software for a trail period to see if it works the way you would like it to.

    Not sure where you can buy Windows XP from, but make sure it has at least SP 2, but I would really recommend one that has SP3 already on the disc. I would not install anything less. You might want to wait for Windows 7 to be released.

    Good luck
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    pgruzdis: Here's the Setup guide from Apple for the Leopard version in Boot Camp which provides the sort of step by step instructions you really want.

    All you need is the right Windows disc to boot from, and that is actually the harder part since there are so many to choose from!


    I would also recommend going to Windows 7. I have been running the release code from TechNet for a while now and it is better than either XP or Vista IMHO.

    If you are interested in that route I would get Vista now with the free upgrade coupon:


    I directed you to the 32 bit, mainstream versions of Windows, since your goal is to run Wordperfect. It is unclear that you need any of the features in Business/Professional or Ultimate. If you were looking at anything applications that might benefit from 64 bit I might have suggested one of those versions.

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    You asked the same questions I needed to ask. Now can you tell us how it all turned out? Is everything running correctly? I'd like to know how it went before I do anything.
  6. rme macrumors regular

    Jul 19, 2008
    I would get Vista if i were you.
    Or wait till Corel officially supports WP X4 on Windows 7 and get then get that.
    Also, get Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion instead of using Bootcamp.

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