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    I have a .vhd and macrium reflect image backup of a PC I had die on me, it was configured for EFI.

    I am wondering if it is at all possible to copy that image over as a separate partition on my OS X main drive of my macbook pro with the goal of retaining OS X and my old computer's windows partitions bootable.

    I understand that I could simply shrink my OS/x partition and then run Macrium Reflect and copy those windows partitions (system/boot and main C root partition) into the empty unallocated space but, will it work? I am unsure of how apple's EFI boot will interpret the windows System partition and my C: partition without the System partition being at the beginning of the drive.

    How exactly should I go about this? Thanks.
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    Oct 19, 2014
    Easiest way would be to install Windows with Bootcamp as this will make the partitions for you. Then boot from Macrium recovery USB and restore C drive (and recovery partition if you have it/want it).

    Alternatively you can make the partitions manually using gdisk (you have EFI already so you need MSR and C and optionally recovery partition). Copy /EFI/Microsoft directory from EFI backup to the Mac EFI partition, restore C partition then boot from Windows installation media, go to command line and run bcdboot C:\Windows.

    Windows will install drivers on first boot then you'll have to install bootcamp drivers. It will also be unactivated so you'll need to phone MS (type slui 4 from Windows command prompt and follow the wizard).

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