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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Nychot, Jun 12, 2012.

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    Apple TV Apps

    Here's one that we were especially looking forward to; an SDK that let developers fill your Apple TV with glorious apps. No dice, though. So why keep the Apple TV so tightly locked up? If an Apple HDTV is actually in the pipeline and isn't just a pervasive rumor that won't die, Apple might feel that trotting off what's likely to be shared software between the white whale and the set top box would be too big of a reveal. Cupertino is also said to be chatting with three major movie studios and others for content partnerships, and those deals definitely take time.

    All that being said, it's still not entirely clear why Apple wouldn't just open up an SDK for regular apps. It would make sense that that would have been announced yesterday, considering WWDC is a conference for you know, developers. Perhaps that's an indication that Apple has far more work to do on the platform, so we might be left hanging on this one for a while.

    An Apple HDTV

    See above! There has been no confirmed sighting of this Apple yeti, though Foxconn head Terry Gou recently supposedly confirmed that his factories were getting ready to start manufacturing an Apple HDTV (with Siri to boot!). He later backtracked. While this is a product that might actually be in the cards, it's big enough that it would warrant its own event—and again, Apple can't do anything until it's got content providers on board. And as it goes with Apple, there's usually quite a bit of smoke before the house actually burns down.
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    Someone, somewhere must I would imagine.

    I used to read it once in a while, but as of late it's like they don't even try.

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