from iMac to new Mac Pro?

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by ZMacintosh, Apr 25, 2014.

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    Currently I have a late 2012 iMac. perfect machine, with the exception of the display is getting these dark smudges/contamination. my 2011 iMac developed a huge dark spot/contamination lcd over the display.

    I was thinking of upgrading to the refreshed 2013 iMac 3.5 with 4GB GPU.

    but am concerned with the all in ones continually having these weird screen issues.

    so i was thinking a base model macpro with maybe 512GB SSD upgrade and the 3GB GPU option with a refurbed Thunderbolt display.

    Most of my storage is on my Pegasus 3TB unit, so internal storage is not as critical.

    I dont think I need a huge amount of processing power, just enough to play gpu intensive games, final cut pro x, aperture, Adobe CC ps, lightroom, premier, etc.

    has anyone gone from the iMac to the new Mac Pro? like it better it being modular vs all in one?

  2. michaeljk, Apr 28, 2014
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    I went from an iMac to a nMP for mostly the same reasons as you. I didn't really need all the power, and didn't really want to spend the money, but I didn't want another iMac even more. I have a really great NEC Monitor for Photography. I have a second 27" cheapo HP monitor for Logic. I have a decently fast external Thunderbold Platter disk for backup and additional storage and another older FW 800 Platter disk for second backup. I wish I used it more to justify the price, but am also glad to be done with trying to decide. I ended up getting the standard configured 6 core model because that was available early in the product cycle (got it near the middle of January and cancelled my planned BTO with 512 GB SSD).

    The 256 GB internal SSD is smaller than I would have liked but that was what was available at the time. Depending on cost and reviews, I may swap it out when the OWC internal SSD upgrades become available. I'd prefer 512 GB internal SSD for access to not only OS X, but also to the fairly large files I access in Aperture and Logic, most of which I have on my external platter drive,w which is definitely wasting the speed of some of the internal structure of the nMP. I will also be getting a single fast Thunderbolt 2 SSD when they come down in price a bit. I love having all those possibilities waiting as the cost comes down and the need arises.

    Not looking back. Love having the options. Gave my old 2008 24" iMac to my 13-year old son, who, sorry to say, uses it pretty much exclusively for STEAM games.
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    those are in the refurb store now with 1TB ssds for $3k

    maybe less of a chance at getting a faulty display since it's been re-tested/examined.. *

    *this last bit has no basis in reality.. or- i'm just sort of making it up but there's a chance it could have some truth to it.

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