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Aug 31, 2007
South Africa
Well, i made the jump. Always knew i needed the jump. iPad was lagging alot with iOS 7. Even with 6. I know I am sometimes too fast for it but since when must technology keep up with a human? :

I absolutely love the smaller and lighter iPad. Whips ass even next to a 4 :cool:

Anyway, NO regrets and well worth the upgrade. Only one flaw but apps sometimes crashes (closes itself). iTunes, Music, etc. Kinda annoying especially with the new ones but yeah...

Resolution is out of this world. Keyboard is so much smoother on the iPad Air with iOS7. Anyone contemplating from 1/2 to Air, I'd say dont think twice. Go buy it now. Depending on your burning needs and desires, I'd think twice if you are on 3/4. Internals are probably the biggest bonus for you.


Sep 23, 2013
Upstate, NY
Im a current iPad 2 owner that will be handing that down to my daughter. Im debating between the Air and a refurbed 4th gen. Huge price difference which does play a role in this whole thing.

You seem happy with your choice...but apps closing themselves? That aint cool at all. Ive never had that happen on my 2 even with iOS 7. So, that concerns me a bit. One thing I will not put up with is shady reliabilty. my iPad 2 has been and still is a "rock" ;)


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Jul 29, 2010
Sold my 2 in anticipation of getting the Retina Mini. Went to check out the Air just for fun. The screen was really nice but even though it got a bit thinner and lighter my initial reaction after picking it up was "meh, still a big iPad" so back to waiting for the Mini for me :eek:
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