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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by JTMacster, May 2, 2015.

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    May 2, 2015
    I'm just another one of the luckies. Had 1.3 256gb on order for delivery in June and decided to stop by BBs yesterday. They just got in a Space Gray and Silver 1.1 256gb model. Due to feedback on this forum, felt that there wouldn't be that much difference so bought the 1.1 and offed the 1.3 saving myself some coin.

    Now my use case is that I have a honker 4.0 GZ 5K iMac with 32 GB of Ram and a 3TB Fusion drive. I do a lot of photography work on this machine and have been caught up in the demise of Aperture. Tried to migrate my 45K photos to Lightroom and it didn't make it properly. Similar issues with Capture One. Went to Apple Photos reluctantly and all pictures came over great. Wanted to be able to take pictures on my Canon 5D MIII, load them into my iPad Air II, do some light work to maybe do some show and tell and then let the Cloud Photo Library sync them for more work on the iMac later.

    At any rate, my iPad Air II has a Belkin Ultimate Keyboard case and it really did the job doubling also for work on my real job that has me in the air over 100K miles per year. I am an avid Apple junkie and started to look at the rMB as a replacement. So you know my use case. Typical work work with Powerpoint, lots of Outlook, but also being able to message, read mags etc. in addition to light photography editing with Apple Photos.

    To be short, iPad is going up for sale. rMB is the perfect machine for me. I love the keyboard. I'm 6'3" so don't have little hands. This is a way better keyboard than my Belkin (that actually was pretty ultimate) and the typical Apple keyboard with trackpad for my iMac. Also have a Toshiba Portege, which of course is not an Apple machine in terms of design, but OK. I love the rMB kb feel and can type really quickly.

    The machine is really zippy I think for its usage...killer on my Internet 150/150 connection with WIFI AC. I sync'd up all 45K photos with optimize on and used up little storage. While that was happening, got the beach ball, but now upon completion is just fine. I can look at all 45K photos will just a little Internet lag. I am keeping all my documents on the iMac and might enable dropbox, but not native. I have nearly 200GBs free. All music is streamed. In other words don't regret not purchasing the larger SSD.

    Screen is much more vivid than the iPad and I like the keyboard being attached. So, if you are looking for a secondary machine, particularly if the current one is an iPad, this is a winner. Its snappy for everything I do. Keyboard has a great feel, but yes different. Trackpad is very smooth. Only thing I can't tell you is battery life as Photos was sucking my machine dry while it downloaded all these photos, but others say its very adequate.

    Hopes this helps if you are looking. I was really uncertain from reading all the mixed reviews. Am very happy to find that they are unfounded at least for me.
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    Exact same story here, except I have a 2011 27" iMac and a brydgeair gold keyboard on my iPA2.

    Loving the hell out of mine, let the haters hate, but this is the goldilocks zone for me. Just right.

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