From love to hate - how Apple ruined our relationship

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    Dec 10, 2017
    I have been a loyal Apple’s customer for about 10 years - all the devices I ever owned computers, tablets, phones, were made and sol by Apple.

    Up until December 2016, where I spent a nice chunk of my tech savings on new 12-inch MacBook. I spent around USD 2,000 on this device, I couldn’t even imagine that i’d be in for an experience that would tear us apart.

    Episode 1.
    I bought my MacBook at an Apple store in Canada on December 2016. I then moved to Poland in early January 2017 roughly after 3 weeks from the date of purchase, when the first nightmare occurred. The MacBook froze, the screen turned black and I was unable to turn it on. I panically rushed to the nearest Apple reseller (there are no official Apple stores in Poland) since it was a reseller, they asked me to pay a service charge. Initially just to diagnose the problems with the Macbook, second they told me they’d charge me for installing a new OS because they said it's probably my fault that MacBook froze. It was at this point that I was told the Apple’s guarantee doesn’t cover network issues. I checked with another Mac reseller in Poland and they told me the same thing. After a short argument they agreed to help me install a new operating system complimentary (but they didn’t bother checking or running a diagnosis on the MacBook).

    Episode 2.
    Two months later I relocated to Malaysia, when suddenly - it happened. In the middle of writing a document, my Macbook turned off and I couldn't turn it on again. Bare in mind I’m not a heavy user, I use it for writing documents, surfing the web and watching movies occasionally.

    I don’t : game, do graphic design or other run heavy or demanding programs on my MacBook.

    This time my MacBook wouldn’t switch on for 2 days, Furious I went to another reseller in Malaysia (because Apple doesn’t have an official service center here). This time I decided to ask them to replace the computer as obviously, it wasn't a software problem. I was furious Apple had sold me a MacBook for almost USD2,000 that’s defective. After grueling customer service calls and discussions with both, reseller in Malaysia and the official Apple center in Singapore, the only thing they told me was that I should be happy for the 1-year repair warranty. Like, seriously?! How is this even a privilege? Not cool, Apple, not cool.

    After asking them to replace it for almost a month, I finally decided to give up and let them repair it...Only after they returned me the laptop they told me the problem was the motherboard.

    Episode 3.
    Few months from getting my MacBook back, another issue happened: my keyboard and touchpad stopped working. The MacBook overheated, started processing extremely slow and turned off for no reason. I went to the Apple reseller in Malaysia (AGAIN) to check what’s going on this time. After about a week with the MacBook being in their hands, I got an email from them stating, that computer is working fine so they won’t offer a repair service.

    And I quote an email from Machines Malaysia:

    “Good day to you from Machines.

    Please be informed that your unit has been diagnosed. However, no issue found as per reported. Unit is tested to be in good working condition. Kindly collect the unit at the same Service Center location that the unit is drop-off for service.”

    I was outraged that they are giving me back this hell of a machine. My keyboard wasn’t working, my guarantee is about to expire. As a customer I’m sure they didn’t even run a proper diagnosis and claimed that my laptop is absolutely fine. I wrote my reply in detail with my problems, adding that I won’t take the laptop back until they properly diagnose it and they agreed to check the MacBook (I guess it was actually the first time they did it). Here’s the message from them:

    “Noted, in that case we will do a further diagnose to confirm that the issue does happen. In any case we will update you once we have any result.”

    During this diagnosis they discovered that it’s a faulty motherboard, and they only informed me about it after I visited their branch.

    Episode 4.
    They told me that the local repair service in Malaysia (Machines) will be replacing the motherboard in my Macbook. That means, it's the second motherboard replacement within 8 months time. That means a 12 months old laptop has had its motherboard replaced twice. I immediately called Apple in Singapore and they decided to look into this and work on the Macbook replacement. They told me they would call me the day after and in the meantime, inform the Machines store in Malaysia to not repair the laptop and wait for their investigation.

    Episode 5.
    After waiting for 2 weeks everything went quiet nobody bothered to follow up on my situation. Not even a single Apple representative (I even emailed them couple of times, but received no reply). I've been patiently waiting for them to resolve the matter..

    Episode 6.
    January 19, I received this email from Machines:

    “Good day to you from Machines.

    Please be informed that your device is ready for collection. Kindly collect the unit at the same Service Center that the unit is drop-off for service.”

    So I proceeded to ask if it was the replacement unit I will be receiving?

    “Please be informed that the is the same Macbook that you send in with a new replacement Main Logic Board(MLB). For your information all Macbook repair is replacement of the faulty parts. There is no 1 to 1 replacement for Macbook. If Apple did promise you anything kindly contact them back as we did not receive any instruction from Apple regarding your repair and we did replace the faulty part of your Macbook as per Apple Service Guideline.”

    Wait, what?

    I called Apple to ask what's going on - they have informed me that the computer can only be replaced when the same issue occurs at least 3 times within a year (last time they told me it's 2 times - what an inconsistency). So they went ahead and repaired it without informing me and without checking with me or informing me of their decision.

    Episode 7.
    What followed next is the nightmare of every customer. Calls. Tens of them. I’ve been calling Apple for the past few weeks trying to find a solution for my problem. Every time they connect me with different advisor who promise to call me back and it never happens.

    Every time I end up calling them again, being connected with another person who again promise the same thing. I end up repeating my story to every person who works there over and over and over again. My moment of frustration reached its pinnacle last week - I’m a working nomad, so no laptop means no work for me. I lost so much time, money and energy on trying to resolve this problem for the past year.

    So after they didn’t call me back again as promised, I contacted Apple Singapore just to hear that they can’t offer me anything else than a repair service. The advisor I talked to, has promised that if in the next few months the problem occurs again, they will “try” to repair the unit for free. I asked for the formal confirmation of what he’s just said, but he informed me that they can’t provide it. They can say it, but can’t send it in the email. Whooa! That’s interesting. So they can’t provide any proof of what they’re telling me so I can’t use it against them in the future.

    To show a good will of Apple and to compensate all of the bad experiences I had with the brand, they actually had the audacity to offer me a free case for my broken laptop. Screw you, Apple. That’s humiliating.

    Episode 8.
    Feeling like I have no other option, I picked up the computer from the service this Friday.

    I tested it for two days and here's the outcome:
    1. Speakers are not working properly - I can hear weird, loud scratchy sound. Seems like they replaced the logic board and ruined my speakers during repair;
    2. It's extremely overheating and working slow after about an hour of writing a document.

    For now I can only guess that the computer has some hidden hardware issues that even Apple can't name. I also can't believe in their promises anymore, especially when my guarantee is over.

    Man, their customer service has failed badly. Apple - it's the last time I bought anything from you. You've just lost your loyal, long-lasting customer.
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    Feb 9, 2009
    So sorry to hear of this pain. To me, the MacBook was truly unsatisfactory from new. It should never of left the production line.
    Apple firstly need to know about this at their highest level. Something like this ruins Apple's image, quality quality. Basically, it's terrifying for any new Apple prospective customer to read this.
    Apple MUST refund 100% your purchase price and compensate - Free software, iTunes music & film rentals etc.
    It's heartbreaking when something so expensive is such a terrible experience.
    It's very rare with Apple but tragic for the person.

    I had a similar experience with a BMW 3 series car a few years ago - 3 clutches, catalytic converter dropped off on the waterway, wouldn't drive in a straight line on the motorway with side winds, rattling door from new, electric window dropped in, heated rear window stopped working, clutch constantly overheated, door handle dropped off.
    In the end, I cut my losses and part exchanged it. Never to buy a BMW ever again.

    Angela Head of Retail should instantly be informed of this experience - message her via LinkedIn. Tim Cook and Phil Marketing should also be aware.
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    Oct 16, 2011
    Nothing new.

    All companies give better service in the US/Canada, and other countries get shafted. Living in India, I have faced the same on more than one occasion.

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