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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by c43amg, Sep 15, 2008.

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    Sep 15, 2008
    Hi everyone, I'm new here but I been reading this forum since I purchased my iphone. This is (from what I have seen) the best iphone forum so far!

    I been a pda/phone person since back in the days of the compaq ipaq first launched. Every since than I been always in the PPC "world" and only for a while did I own palm devices. I have owned just about every pda/phone that exists. My favorites pda and some pda/phone have been the:

    -Ipaq xda, HTC's phone that compaq did not like/want and because of that HTC went elsewhere and man did they become big after that.
    - O2 XDA, loved that thing.
    - sony clie ux50 (what a device) no phone but that thing was awesome.
    - ipaq 4150 and pretty much all the others.
    - dell axim 51v, screen and size was really nice. to bad they stopped.
    - htc jasjar, nice screen, nice keyboard, the phone looked so cool when watching movies at night with the keyboard lid up....... This has to be THE best pda/phone I bought. It was not perfect but it did so much, and with vga screen large keyboard, laptop style which I LOVED, just sit it on the table open the screen put on a movie and start eating breakfast!

    - t-mobile shadow, sweat phone, and loved how easy it was to get to certain things.
    - samsung blackjack II, talk about reception! I got 3G every place I went in chicago.
    - htc tytnII, LOADED with features! But at the end I was just wasting time installing "new roms" every other day. Camera and gps was nice but had to reset alot........
    I have owned many more but those are the ones that really stand out.

    I been wanting to buy the iphone since the 2g version came out. But I had to have a keyboard like tytn so I skipped it. Finally 3 weeks ago I went into the att store and asked when will they start to have the 3g IN STOCK (I hate waiting...) the lady tells me they have a FEW white ones and black ones IN STOCK. I said REALLY, she says what color would you like. I asked to see the white one but she says they cannot open the box just to show it to me. They only had black ones on display and they looked good so I took the black.

    Well, from ALL the pda/phones I have ever owned this iphone 3G simply,hands down, close the book, put away the pots..... is the BEST I have ever owned! When I took this home and installed some apps and used it for a whole day I was STUNNED as to what this thing can do. If you care to read further this is what I like about the 3g phone comparing to my other gadgets.

    - looks, they are killer, slim, easy to hold (I bought a leather SKIN from ebay and now no more finger prints and keeps the phone SLIM and GREAT looking!).
    - music, man I love the sound on this thing! Just bought the bose in-ear and the music THUMPS with BASS! The bose did not have a mic so I cut the apple headset 2 inches from the mic (to cut the ear plugs off-both sides of course). Than I cut the bose headset 4 inches from the ear buds. Solder the wires together, than I used SHRINK TUBE to keep it looking nice and now I can skip,pause,back a song with the original apple headset BUT with the bose in-ear plugs! Man what a combo, I love it! Picture attached (sorry about the quality,bad lighting).

    - movies, they look and move way better than ANY of my other phones. The axim 51v played the movies great but was not a phone. Now I have the 51v and much much more!
    - web browsing, really smooth and I never have to worry about "i wonder if my phone will be able to open this website," Fantastic.
    - screen, if a screen can be seen outside during sunny days, I WANT IT! Even tho on BRIGHT sunny days I have to set brightness higher, I can SEE the screen.
    - TOUCH screen, there is no other,period. It's so easy to move around the iphone,its great,no more stylus pens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    - I like the in-screen keyboard, takes getting use to but no more stylus pens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    - screen quality, i can watch you tube and 2 other friends next to me can also see it! The screen in fantastic.
    - 3d graphic games, man oh man, I can't wait till more developers make more games and apps! sphalt4 is amazing to play. I enjoy just crashing the cars to the side, but I do make sure to at least come in 3rd place otherwise I loose everything.
    - accelerator and gravity sensor (hope I got the names right) make the iphone icing on the cake! NO MORE external buttons to play games (love playing games and I'm 42!)

    There's more but I'm sure you guys/girls get the point.

    Of course the iphone is not perfect. But you no what? If it was, I would not enjoy looking and reading these forums! I'm sure we have yet to see what will become of the iphone regarding updates and all kind of great apps and so forth. I don't mind waiting, there is no better pda/phone right now. I was waiting for another HTC product but them guys still don't get it that THIN is the way to go. I think the engineers/designers of HTC are chubby people, they make their phones, CHUBBY. I'm so glad that now they have to try MUCH MUCH harder to make a great looking pda/phone. Before they has no competition, now they apple!

    Thanks for reading!

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  2. michalko.j macrumors member

    Sep 15, 2008
    Does it affect sound quality?

    Does not having the black bump in the wire or the plug (depending on your version) from the bose, affect the sound quality even the slightest? Volume, bass etc. The manual refers to this part as the headphone circuitry. I'm seriously considering this mod if the new apple headphones are not fully compatible since I already have the bose headphones.
  3. c43amg thread starter macrumors member

    Sep 15, 2008

    THAT is what made me wait a while because I was scared to damage the headphones. So I was going to cut the wire before the big black "bump" but that would have given me real large wiring. So I took the plunge and let me tell you they sound GREAT! As a matter of fact I think (according to my hearing) that they sound more clear. Its as if the black bump was made to cut down on the treble. But again, that is what I found on some of the mp3's that do not have to much treble, they sound BETTER after the mod. The bass is the same, you know, fantastic! And the headset works as if it came from apple with the bose ear buds! Really cool,let me know if you need help doing this job.

    And if anyone has a favorite headset they like to have attached to the apple headset, let me know, I will do it for a small charge. You won't regret it.

    Btw, is there a headset or adaptor from apple or aftermarket that also has a built in VOLUME control along with pause,play,forward?? I would love to attach my bose to that kind of headset, because of volume control.
  4. Linuss macrumors regular

    Jul 25, 2008
  5. rsk137 macrumors member

    Sep 11, 2008
    I'm glad you are loving your brand new iPhone!

    Just like you, I was pretty heavy on the WM scene. Always customizing, adding software, upgrading, and just learning/doing everything I could with them. Ever since the iPhone came along, nothing can touch it.

    You are right, the iPhone isn't perfect but at least Apple tries, unlike some other manufacturers *cough*HTC*cough*

    Grats on the headphones deal. That's a pretty slick combo!

  6. c43amg thread starter macrumors member

    Sep 15, 2008
    Thanx guys, the headset is sweat.
    I been doing this with a2dp Bluetooth headsets for a long time.
    Once and if apple opens up a2dp I will be swapping the bose ear buds to the bt headset!

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