Front & Rear Screen Protectors?

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    I've just purchased an iPhone 5S... It's still in the box...

    I saw someone recently comment that they use a screen protector to protect their iPhone's screen from scratches, but also use one for the back of the phone, for the same reason - particularly as the phone resides in a hard case, and dust/etc becomes trapped inside the case and scratches the back of the phone...

    Does anyone else do this?

    If yes, do you just use a 2nd screen protector, or are there protectors specifically for the back of your phone?!

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    If you get a good case(pretty typical case), you should not have any problems on the back side of your 5S. To back that up, I have an iPhone 4S that I have had for 1.5 years. The back of the 4S is a lot more prone to scratching because it is a glass surface like the front. I had an OtterBox at first with just a screen protector, and now have a Speck rubber case with only a screen protector. Never any rear protection...just the case shell. And there are no scratches on the back of my 4S, except for one that was made when the iPhone was OUT of the case. So, I think you will be just fine without! Hope this was informative!!:)

    P.S. I work in construction too. Lots of dust and debris!
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    Thanks for the reply!

    In large part thanks to your reply, I opted not to worry about a rear protector. I was going to buy a screen protector and case/cover off eBay, but the ones I liked all were going to take up to 4 weeks to arrive, so I just went into a local accessories shop instead.

    The guy sold me a screen protector and a semi-rubbery hard cover, including installation. So I took the iPhone out of its box - still with the front and rear factory protectors in place. He took the front one off to install the screen protector... Then turned the phone over, picked up a pair of scissors :eek: and asked if he could cut the "tag" off the bottom of the rear protector - to the leave the rest of the protector in place, protecting the rear of the phone!

    Clever idea that I'd never considered. So the phone is in a case, with the factory protector in place, sans the little bit that used to over-hang the bottom of the phone.

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