Frozen Equilibrium ($0.99) - The Most Epic Puzzle

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    Hi, there! :)

    We are glad to introduce our new app. It's an unique puzzle game for iPhone and iPod Touch. We've been working hard on Frozen Equilibrium and hope you'll like to play it as much as we do. Please, check it out.


    One ancient Puzzle you will find,
    Ice and snow will catch your mind.

    The Solution hides under the frost,
    It could be found and it could be lost...

    Keep your mind clear and don't close your eyes.
    Something will sink but something will rise.

    Solve the conundrum of Frozen Lands!
    The Fate of the World is in your hands...

    Main features:

    - original gameplay you have never seen before
    - simple and easy to grasp puzzle mechanics
    - 100 levels in total (3 basic and 1 special stage with 25 brain-challenge levels)
    - cultivates logic, attention and intuition
    - based on the principles similar to IQ tests
    - various strategies to solve puzzles
    - achievement :)
    - duel mode - your chance to challenge your friends
    - epic ambience and music
    - unique graphics style
    - and special guest - mr. Pinky. Your small furry assistant

    Аbout the game.

    The Legend says... For ages, the ancient and powerful forces kept the balance of the world on the great columns of Frozen Land. And no one remembers how had evil came and chaos reigned. However the equilibrium was lost. But there is still a hidden bond between the columns. And the only those who realized it, could restore the Frozen Equilibrium.

    * For those of you, who don't like cool epic legends... ;)

    The main goal of the game is to bring ice blocks back to zero-level.
    But it's not so easy, - all blocks are connected to each other. So you can't press one of them without rising another blocks. This connection is called the Rule. Comprehend it, and you will solve the puzzle.​



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