frozen imac g5 isight, wont start from discs

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by garychanchan, Dec 6, 2008.

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    Oct 10, 2006

    searched everywhere and couldnt find an answer

    imac g5 isight powerPC freezes on startup - the gray screen with the apple logo and hangs.

    it won't boot from the disc while holding down C.
    it will boot into target disc mode while holding T.
    it will boot form holding down option, but then if I choose the boot from disc option, goes back to the apple logo screen and hangs.

    reset PRM, SMU all that. repaired HD using disk utility (from my laptop). apple hardware check came back a-okay.

    what next? If I can't boot from the OSX disc, how do I either archive and install or clean install?

    I have a MBP which i can hook the imac to in target disc mode, and I see the boot disc from there, but I can't install from there b/c it's 10.5 (the imac is 10.4 and hence the OSX disc won't let me install from the laptop)

    is archive and install not possible at this point? should i backup the imac hard drive, then erase the whole thing? but then how do I boot from disc at that point?

    thanks for any help...
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    It looks like a HD problem, although it should still start from disk - your best bet is to get it into an apple store.

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