frozen touchscreen & strange double arrow icon

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    Nov 25, 2009
    ok so I am really hoping someone might be familiar with this situation...

    The touchscreen on my iPhone stopped working this morning. A strange little icon appeared too. The double ended arrow in my screenshots appeared on the lockscreen and when I pressed it it turned blue (on the desktop there) and added a smaller version appeared up next to the battery icon.

    I got the touchscreen going again. I had to load up iTunes on my netbook and then plus the iphone in andthen I pressed and held home and power for about 30 seconds. I held it for longer than a usual soft reset since I think I read here that that will do a bit more serious kind of reset.

    Anyway the touchscreen worked again but the strange icons are still hanging around.

    Then when I shut down and restarted the phone I got a sadfase iPhone warning. It does work again now but the double arrow icon is back on the lockscreen. It's white now, so the little version is no longer up near the battery.

    I have NO idea what those icons mean and why they change.

    And what is screwing up my touchscreen!? I thought it was 'Categories' since I had just made a couple of changes with that just prior to my problem happening, but I just used categories again now and it did not eff up my touchscreen this time.

    My phone is a 3GS with a non-tethered jailbreak (Blackra1n) running 3.1.2.

    Any help would be very greatly appreciated thanks heaps peoples!

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    Nov 25, 2009
    LOL I worked out what the strange icons are... a new app I just installed this morning... Callcontroller...

    Still no explanation for the frozen touchscreen though :/

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