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Discussion in 'iMac' started by SD-B, May 1, 2015.

  1. SD-B, May 1, 2015
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    Apr 1, 2009
    I cant keep Air Display on my iMac 27" retina from dropping all movies/TV shows, etc I try to watch, that are stored on my iMac, and sent to my TV using iTunes and Apple TV.

    Thought it was a cable speed or wifi issue and have has techs into look at it all to no avail.

    Have tried fixing permissions on my iMac as I read somewhere but my discs are ok as are permissions.
    It is forever kicking me off AND IF i do get it working at all for 1-2 hours, it seems to kick me off at least once and the 2nd time is the charm.
    When watching several TV shows and having it happen each time i switch shows, after 2-3 hours i am so frustrated with it i cant keep watching, hence, never get caught up on shows I download.

    (so much for cutting the cord) :(

    Have latest OS X upgrades.
    Is there ANY fix that people know to work?

    If not, anyone with this, would you happen to know IF an upgrade on a cable package speed would help to fix this?

    Am looking at such a jump but in order to do so, I am giving up a legally promised 8 year price fix of $43 a month for my cable so I would like to get some sort of feeling as to whether this might help it or not, before giving it up.
    Once i give it up I can never get it back again.

    But this is too much a part of my TV viewing that I just cant deal with it anymore so desperate for some fix......otherwise, I will get rid of the Apple TV and just see about hooking in though HDMI and hopefully wont need Air Display any longer??!!

    Other choice is picking up a cheap Windows PC, and i hate Windows but it would be easier at this point to transfer to a windows laptop and go though HDMI that way if this is an OS X air display problem still?

    Ive asked before without getting any responses so I have a feeling its not an issue that can be answered here but hoping time might have changed that?

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    Jun 17, 2014
    Why not just use home sharing?
  3. SD-B, May 1, 2015
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    Apr 1, 2009

    I might be wrong but I believe that is what i used to use. But I could be wrong.
    I was under the impression that the old method i used was no longer available with Yosemite.

    Can you please tell me how to use Home Sharing again and I shall try that and see if it works?

    /goes to google it and will respond here first if i find the answer


    Oh THAT Home Sharing?
    Hmmmmmmm......I "think" when I first went to Yosemite in November, if i rememeber correctly that was not working and i was led to believe it no longer did and I had to use Air Display which I have hated ever since.

    Dont rememeber exactly how I used this before. Have turned it on. Thought it was. Am going to try it a bit later and see how i get it to the TV or if its just a matter of clicking on the one file in particular.
    Really dont remember what i once did but if that is all there is to it, I will figure it out.

    Would really hate to think I could have been using this all along? /sighs LMAO

    Hope it works, Thank you.
    ANYTHING but Air Display :)
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    Jun 17, 2014
    Home sharing will solve all your issues. Just go into iTunes and go to file and turn on home sharing. Then on Apple TV go into settings and setup home sharing... Then all of your movies, music, and tv shows will stream flawlessly.
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    Apr 1, 2009
    /kicking self over and over, and over some more.

    Dementia must be setting in.
    Thank you!
    I should have asked momths ago :rolleyes:

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