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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by SmackBookPro, Nov 29, 2018.

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    Jan 11, 2018
    I've had the third screen put on my MacBook Pro and allegedly the logic board replaced too (How can I work out if they actually replaced it? As my content was still on my machine when I got it back)...

    Thought it was all good but today one side of the bottom base of the machine has decided to pop out... Apple's repair quality is so low yet I expected it to be exceptional....

    The real problem is...... They'll offer to fix it (I have Apple Care). But that's 7 more days without my Mac which I depend on at work constantly. And £15 + £15 driving up and down to the only Apple Store we have in N. Ireland.

    I'm getting really fed up with this. I'm considering a Surface Pro 6 but am afraid to leave the comfort of the MacOS, 500 nit screen, wide rich colours and amazing speakers. The only other drawback with my Mac is the tiny 128GB SSD as well.

    Am I stuck with Apple's repair options if I keep this?
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    Someone with more knowledge will be able to confirm but when I have had a logic board replaced the documentation listed a new serial number for the part (your Mac serial number stays the same)

    Off the top of my head I know you can check the serial numbers for your battery and HDD in system report, but I am not sure about the logic board sorry. The fact your content was still there leads me to believe no... what model is it? was your hdd encrypted? did you give them the password etc? I have no idea how they recover data.

    Man if you can get a full refund ditch it, after 3 repairs depending how long you have owned it you would be entitled to a new machine or refund (in Australia at least)
    Apple's quality control and failure rate is becoming pretty horrifying, and I've been loyal for over 10 years

    Edit: Also after my KB repair on my 2016, 2 of the bottom pentalobe screws worked themselves loose haha, and the laptop came back FILTHY. Like it was repaired by a neckbeard eating a block of butter, fingerprints all over it, a greasy film. Weird. Yet we re buy..... Stockholm syndrome.
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    Jan 11, 2018
    I've just sent this email to Apple UK, this fully explains my history with the machine, take a read:

    I am a customer who bought a MacBook Pro 13” base model in October 2017. A long time fan of Apple. I now use it professionally at work and depend on it day-in, day-out. This was the first time I bought Apple Care, and there’s just shy of two years left of it. I purchased my Mac new from the Apple Store in Belfast Victoria Square. The only Apple Store in Northern Ireland.
    The issue with the machine the first time in August 2018 was the keyboard damaging the screen when closed. They fixed this and I could overlook the travel to the store - I live 70 miles away and it costs me around £15 to drive up and down, £30 overall for dropping it off to Apple and collecting it a week later. This meant going without the Mac for a week. I received it back, not within a white envelope how the Liverpool Apple Store about 9 years ago would pack it with a seal. It had finger prints and black marks that look like scratches, I was shocked but an employee at Apple had cleaned these off and the product was fine - Though nobody had inspected it prior to it being returned to me.
    Now, in November the same screen issue had occurred so I took advantage of Apple Care and the Genius Bar who fixed it again, and put a new logic board in as the ports were very loose. I was a bit annoyed that the computer would have the same issue, but decided to try another repair. I was hesitant to do so after the machine being marked when I got it back last time but it was my only choice and I felt that would have been a one off for Apple of all companies.
    The machine took 7 days as quoted, with me getting an email saying it would be on track for the 7 days quoted. I got to the store where it hadn’t been worked on yet according to the staff who said they’d give me a call ’that day when the store closed or the following day’. I was disappointed as I had came all this way, as per the email I received. I told the staff member I was really disappointed that they wouldn’t be able to honour that estimate and how I would then have to possibly invest in another none Apple machine. I was not rude or anything to him and understood that it was not his fault personally, but the lack of care he expressed as he further offered to call me the next day was completely non-Apple like in my view. I thought they’d be expected to at least pretend to care. So that was that, and I had listed the machine online for sale.
    They were redeemed when I got a call two hours later to collect the machine. That was good. I checked it over and it seemed fine. I asked the guy at the store how it still had my data on it with a new logic board being put in with the soldered SSD. He did not seem to have an answer. He did not seem to know why or how this could be, though convenient, I was fearing perhaps the logic board was not replaced at all though I have no way to tell. He was quite happy anyway to send me away and I had my Mac back.
    Then the following day I noticed the Mac’s power key was stuck / not performing as the other F keys were. I decided that because I’d be without my machine I’d overlook this as Apple won’t change its policy and I really, really cannot afford to turn around and say to my employers and partners that I am another week without my Mac - which has software other machines in the company cannot run.
    Today, I was using the machine at a desk and when I put it back in its sleeve I discovered the bottom case had been ‘popped out’ on the left of the machine. The screws seem to be in correctly but the base will not sit flush as it should. I believe this to be a result of a shoddy repair job at the Apple Store.
    I phoned the store and was put through to the Genius Bar Repair Admin who understood the issue and was friendly, but not able to do anything useful to alleviate the situation. I told him how I was considering just selling the machine and moving to a Surface Pro 6 or alternative Windows device due to the now frequent and costly inconvenience of this one. All he could do was offer for me to bring the machine back for them to look at, “hoping” it would be a simple instant job of repairing the base by screwing it in again. Not able to guarantee it, of course, over the phone this still means potentially longer. And any keyboard issue will not be able to be solved the same day, anyway, so if I take it there I will be without my machine for up to a week again.
    This is not good enough. I have now visited twice, had minor disappointments along the way with the service and now a sub-par repair. I was initially pleased with Apple Care and swore by it for all my future purchases, believing Apple to have the best standard of repair and service but now I have two instances to challenge that and no longer believe it to be the case.
    I hope that you can offer something that does not involve the cost or inconvenience of not being able to use my machine as I refuse to keep this up. I am disappointing employers, partners and spending more money on this machine which, as great as it can be, is useless when it’s away being repaired.
    I understand now why organisations are favouring HP / Lenovo and Dell who accommodate spare parts repairs, mail in repairs and even on-site repairs for their products. This is becoming more and more appealing to me as Apple don’t seem to be able to do a good job at reporting this machine and are requiring me to be out of pocket, out of time and out of luck too many times. I am quite competent to do these repairs myself, but as it would void my warranty would never attempt such a thing. I got Apple Care to take this issue and resolve it hassle free but I am not getting a seamless hassle free experience.
    I spend a lot of time helping colleagues and family get more from their Apple devices and trying to convince non Apple users why they should switch. And they are superb hard to beat machines when these issues I’ve been having aren’t happening. But they are happening now and it’s changing my perspective and thoughts of upgrading to a higher spec TouchBar model or 15” model are fading because the problems I have today would still be the case.
    My Apple Store is not willing to do anything about this, from this email, I would like to know if you could provide me a solution as a Mac customer and advocate who is becoming more and more disappointed with the brand.
    I look forward to hearing back from you about this, and would be more than happy to clarify and details, dates and questions regarding it via email or the phone at XXXXXXXXXXX.

    Thank you,
    My Name
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    Jan 11, 2018
    Response from Apple

    The manager of the Apple Store gave me a call today. He was completely understanding of my email and experience and he was able to offer me the following three options:

    - A new MacBook Pro 2017 Base Model like I have
    - A full refund of the MacBook Pro with returning it
    - Returning it and paying the difference for the TouchBar model

    I'm going with the final option and stepping up to a 2018 TouchBar model. The things which bothered me about this machine unrelated to the problems was the 128GB SSD anyway, so the 256GB will be much welcome. The TouchBar looks great, though I've not overly looked into it. Extra ports will be a god send as I was going to have to buy a powered hub! The quad-core will be welcome too.

    They have, with the help of the store manager, fully restored my faith in Apple as a loyal customer for nearly ten years now. It was hanging by a thread, to be honest. I was planning on buying a more high-end machine too, prior to this but was put off by the repairs on the current one. This solution takes me two steps forward from now. Though it was a bit of hassle, they have lived up to my longstanding expectations of the company. Bearing in mind this is less than 24 hours after reporting the issue to them, I've went from disappointment to extreme satisfaction.

    For anybody going through a similar issue I now recommend just talking to the store's management. He told me in the future that it's always an option for customers. Managers can make bigger decisions and in my case, it saved the day.
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    Nov 2, 2018
    Western Canada
    Despite all these issues that keep coming up, Apple's customer service never ceases to amaze me.
  6. IdentityCrisis Suspended

    Sep 9, 2018
    You do know the Surface products are rated the worst out of any manufacture for reliability right? And microsoft customer service and support is terrible. I went through 3 Surface Pro 4s before giving up. Every one had a problem.
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    Aug 21, 2008
    Madison, GA
    Congratulations and I think the third option is the best choice.
  8. _Kiki_ macrumors 6502a

    Aug 13, 2017
    Why did you do that? you replaced MBP nonTB for MBP TB which can have the same problem with screen coating o_O
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    Jul 30, 2017
    Very nicely done. This is exactly the way to get Apple to do the right thing.
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    Jan 11, 2018
    Picked up my new Mac today. The Apple Store were quick and very helpful. They allowed me to use my student discount. Refunded ny current Apple Care and then I was able to do the following;

    Normal price: £1,949 MacBook Pro 512GB
    £249 Apple Care+

    Deducted my Mac (£1,249) and refunded Apple Care. The difference of £700 was added to with new Apple Care so about £949 it should have been. They let me use my student discount which meant I only paid £715 which was great.

    I opted for Silver now, out of respect for the classic MacBook Pro’s. Hoping it’ll bring the longevity and sustained hassle free use they always gave me before.

    I’ll make a post about the new one with photos and my perspective about going from the base model to the top end model as they sit in stores.

    This thread should
    --- Post Merged, Dec 3, 2018 ---
    *serve as an example for people who like me, nearly lost faith in Apple. But sent an honest respectful email and were listened to and shown that Apple can make everything right again.

    If anybody in the Belfast store is on here and reads this, thanks so much.

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