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    I bought a week 37 Touch about a week and a half ago. Had screen issues and replaced it at BB last Friday. Low and behold it has an issue where if you double tap the home button and bring up the music controls (whether the hold buttons on or your just in another app and want to bring up music controls) they don't work at all. Tried a reset of settings and then a restore of the iPod via my macbook and nothing works. This one is going back and I'll be getting a refund. Apple needs to get their crap together fast. I love their products and their user interfaces and the Touch was shaping up to be great, but it's not worth the trouble with this stuff. I'd rather get a music player that doesn't look so pretty but works. I bought my macbook a year ago and love it. I sure hope things change for them.
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    Aug 17, 2007
    Edit: Forget it, I misread sorry.
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    So you got slightly unlucky... Just return it and get one that works. Not every iPod is going to be 100% perfect. The demand is just way to high to stop and check every single one of them before they ship. They've got way more good ones than bad ones out there, so the bad ones get sent back... big deal. Don't get all bent. I'm sure it's frustrating but just relax and remember that it's better than a Zune and pretty much any other mobile device that plays music.

    I think people see how beautiful Apple's products are and when they see one small defect they get all bent out of shape thinking that Apple doesn't care. Well, I happen to be one of the "lucky ones" I guess cause my iPod Touch is flawless (except for the occasional Safari crash but, that can be fixed later with software updates).

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