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Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by zao8350, Feb 25, 2010.

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    so, i am on a 2.8ghz 15" mbp unibody, snow leopard, and windows 7. i wanted to make my windows partition bigger and messed up. ended up wiping all my stuff, and then had to used disk warrior to recover some of it. i ended up being unable to partition my HD after deleting the original windows and then started getting kernel panics everytime i booted after restoring from a time machine back up. i could only get to the apple logo.

    so, now i am trying again. fresh install of sl, i had a buttload of crap on the HD from files i salvaged from the external i had my previous partitions backed up on. now, i still cannot partition. it says stuff can't be moved. i searched this and saw i need to defrag my drive. i try to boot off of disk warrior 4.2 and.... kernel panics. what should i do? i'm currently backing up my windows partition (the original, the time machine mac backups were lost from the first wipe. somehow winclone file survived :p) and am going to wipe and reinstall mac again. any other help would rock
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    It might help someone else if you were to post about what you did to work it out.

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    good idea,
    i'm not totally sure what the problem was. i had some other software i was going to use to try and defrag but my dad showed it to me after i had already restarted the reinstallation. what i did was pop in my mac install disk and then ran disk utility off of that. i wiped the disk and then reinstalled. as soon as mac finished installing i partitioned it and have progressed from there. i havent had a chance to try and restore my winclone backup but will when i get home. i don't what the deal is with my diskwarrior, i think i had just jumbled up my drive really bad.

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