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    I need to get a keyboard case for my new iPad, and can't decide. I ordered a zagg folio, but the reviews are really bad so I am having second thoughts. I really like the Adonit Writer 2 plus for iPad 2, but I don't know if the new iPad will fit, since it is a "snap in" design...

    Any advice? Do I order the adonit anyways?
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    If they'll accept a return for any reason then order it. Worse that can happen is it won't fit and you have to return it. Frankly, it is way too soon to see a flood of the new iPad cases on the market. I thought Apple did release dimensions to certain case manufacturers, but perhaps due to all the leaks in the past they elected not to.
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    FWIW my Apple sales Guy told me the 2 cases would NOT fit the three...Especially the snap on type. He did say smart covers would work though. I've been looking for a 3 specific rear cover like Griffin used to do for the 2, but none in the UK yet.

    I'm going to modify a white silicone rear cover (horrible yes, but required) by enlarging the camera hole. Since silicone is pretty stretchable, I'm hoping it will fit the back until I can get a decent one. I have a 12 SOuth Alloy stand that WILL put scratches on the back of my new iPad if I don't protect it somehow.

    You can pick up the silicone ones for peanuts...Mine was free and has never been used.
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    Quite frankly I didn't like any of the keyboards on the keyboard cases so I ended up with the Logitech iPad keyboard which is fantastic. It feels great to type on and has some specialty keys designed just for iOS/iPad.

    It comes with it's own case that doubles as a stand for the iPad. The whole package (keyboard and case) is very light and easy to take with you.

    I know you asked about keyboard cases but this is a really nice alternative. You can get it from Amazon.
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    May 23, 2011

    I was in the same boat...really determined to get a dope keyboard case. I am planning on using the iPad as a replacement for my old macbook so I knew a keyboard was essential. I initially bought this logitech when they had it for 40 bucks on launch day over at amazon...It looks like its 55 today, but if you go to the Kensington site and look at the item it states it will work with the new iPad as well

    But after reading all the reviews and searching for other cases I kind of feel like this is keyboard case is kind of trash.
    So I ended up going a totally different route, and am going to use this case for my apple wireless keyboard that also acts as a stand. For 30 bucks it seems far more reasonable and I like the look of it a lot. Plus it seems to work with almost any case so you could get a cheap case and wouldn't ever have to take it out when using the keyboard stand.
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    Jun 24, 2010
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    I agree the Apple keyboard is nice but the Logitech has those extra keys that are useful and it is smaller that the Apple keyboard.

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