FTP/SFTP retaining Finder metadata vs AFP

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    I am trying to determine the best protocol/setup to use for working remote for my job. I'm an audio engineer, and we deal with the following types of files in mass on a daily basis:
    - Logic Pro X files ( ext is .lpx -- considered a 'container')
    - Audio Files (WAV, AIFF, etc)
    - All of these files are "Labeled" via Finder, and the LPX files are "Locked" via finder to prevent unwanted writing of the files.

    I've setup a Remote workstation at home and have opened up ports at/from the studio, so i can access the studio computers files whenever i need to, but heres the problem in the most simplest terms I can figure out:

    AFP is extremely slow in listing my folders (which contain up to 600 Logic Pro X Files and Audio Files), causing me to wait nearly 3 minutes before the contents is listed; and SFTP/FTP is extremely FAST via Transmit, but I LOSE a lot of really important data, such as my LABELS and LOCKS on my LPX files (and I'm not 100% comfortable with how FTP/SFTP treats Date Modified/Created data).

    I believe AFP is extremely slow due to how the protocol is implemented (Finder has to "get" all the metadata for EVERY FILE before it displays...kind of an all-or-nothing deal),
    --- but is there any way to retain the data I need via FTP/SFTP?

    I am not a certified network engineer, but I know my way around some basic IT things like opening and assigning the correct private/public ports to IPs, etc, and I feel like I'm so close to finding the perfect solution.

    I also know that our DL/UL is not the culprit of AFP slow, because the AFP downloads are actually quite fast. It's just the listing of directories that gets bogged down.

    Any thoughts/suggestions/insight would be much appreciated.

    Other helpful info, all computers are:
    - Mac Pro Late 2013
    - OS X 10.9.3
    - 3.5 Ghz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5
    - 64 GB Ram
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    I say if you like security and want to yes the best VPN server/Client for remote connections. Look at this video.


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