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    I have an FTP connection between home and work and want to open it up to the outside world so I can receive files at work from outside sources. I'm using Cyberduck (OS 10.4). It works fine, except I can see the ENTIRE drive of the machine I'm sending to. How can I make it so that incoming items only come in to a single, isolated folder, where that folder is the ONLY location can be seen by people on the outside?
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    What FTP clients can see is determined by file permissions on the server. To answer in more detail I'd need to know what server you are using. Quite a few FTP servers out there.

    I hate to say it but if you need to ask this question here, you best option is to set up a computer that is used ONLY for incomming FTP connections. Even if your were a bit more expert this is the best way to go because the machine will need to be on the public side of a fire wall or at least port forwarded from a fire wall. There is quite a lot you need to know in order to keep a public accessable FTP server secure.

    It shouldn't be expensive as almoast any computer is fast enough

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