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    Sep 10, 2005
    This is sort of a question about several things rolled into one. I'll try to separate them. I'm looking for some opinions and advice.

    1) Are there any tools available that will allow Finder to treat an ftp connection as a mounted volume?

    2) Are there any recommendations for a quality FTP server I can run on a PowerBook that allows easy configuration using a GUI tool for such things as specifying users, directories to be included, permissions, etc. I am looking for some sort of equivalent to the Windows program called BulletProof FTP.

    3) Are there any useful guidelines/tips when setting up NFS shares on Linux (Gentoo) for use by an OS X machine? Does the underlying filesystem matter when the Mac is reading/writing files to the share? I believe this is abstracted, but want to make sure.

    A lot of this stems from me wanting to get rid of a Windows 2000 server at home which I cannot establish an SMB connection to on my PB and would really like access to a 400GB raid array I have...currently using NTFS. Would an NFS share thru Linux be my best solution aftering converting the filesystem to a "native" linux fs?

    Thanks for any opinions/advice in these areas. I would like to quickly get rid of this Windows server so I can make use of the hardware from my Mac.

    thanks a ton.
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    Sep 10, 2005
    Oh come on....no opinions or anything on this.

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