FUBAR'd Iphone 4, any hope?

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    Dec 7, 2009
    So here is the story, messed around with my JB iPhone 4 (iOS 4.1) and was playing around fstabs. Rebooted my phone and it asks for restore. Ok, no big deal. Restore it with Pwngetool and it started it's reboot loop. TinyUmbrella couldn't fix it and neither could any other app I found boot it from reboot loop. I was once able to get it to Exit Reboot but after a few restarts it would just ask for iTunes again...

    Tried updating it to 4.2.1 just so at least I could have a phone again. And now it gets endless 1016 errors upon restore. Nothing seems to pull it out of reboot cycle and I cant find find a utility to fix it! I've tried different computers, different cables AND different ports. Nothing.

    So, I currently have it "restored" to 4.2.1 and am thinking about just getting it replaced since it's under warranty. What are my chances they find out it's jailbroken? Is there any other resource I haven't exhausted??
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    They wont get far with it and wont be able to tell it was previously JB if you DFU restored.
    I'd bring it to Apple.

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