FuboTV vs. DirecTV Now: Solid Streaming TV Services With Some Drawbacks

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    I have triple play, basic cable no prem movie channels with blast internet and voice. My bill went back up to 174.00 (total with taxes and fees) recently called them found out I’m no longer in a contract. Told them I’m considering dumping cable for streaming to save money. After being transferred twice they offered me a promotion (no contract) for 1 yr for $140.00 total with taxes. Same everything I currently have. So I saved over $30.00 a month. I’m sticking with cable for now.

    I’ve run the #’s and with streaming I might save about $20.00 but I’m loosing a ton of channels cable offers too so it’s not worth it to me. Also I can call Comcast back after the yr promo and I bet they have another offer or promo.

    Thanks for the tip above about asking for “contract end date” on the automated line when first calling. That helped but I still had to get transferred to someone with more authority to offer me this promo.
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    That's the thing with FiOS that I didn't like - they aren't available in certain areas. When my wife and I lived in our apartment, we only had Comcast since FiOS didn't service the area we lived. Thankfully when we bought our house, FiOS was readily available, so I dropped Comcast fast.

    Funny enough, every since we went with FiOS, we've never had any internet outages. With Comcast, outages happened pretty frequently which irritated me to no end.

    Hopefully FiOS comes to your area. I know they're always expanding to new areas (though painfully slow).

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