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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by AnthonyKinyon, Sep 10, 2006.

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    Apr 4, 2006
    My car was low on gas this morning (pretty much empty) and I pulled in on my way to work real quick and put in about half a tank. Went to leave work and the car would not start, though it almost would. It seemed to turn over (crank if you want to call it that) then had a rough idle/hesitation for a few seconds and died right away. Electricity seemed OK. This happened once before a long time ago and some guy just happened to be a mechanic and stopped and used something to blow into a line in the engine and got it fixed. It worked fine for months after this.

    Now that I got low on fuel it happened again. I think that "mung" (whatever little nasty things are in the tank) plugged it up when it got low on gas.

    This is the 1995 Ford Taurus V6, FFV. It can run on unleaded or methanol. I've only ever used unleaded in it so far.

    I don't want to get "taken the to cleaners" when I take the car in to get this problem fixed. The tow truck guy told me that the car may have 2 fuel filters. We identified one outside the gas tank on the bottom of the car but the first mechanic who helped me out months ago told me the fuel filter was inside the gas tank. Can someone verify if this car has 1 or 2 fuel filters, the approximate reasonable cost I should expect to pay for parts, and how much labor, etc. (the whole package) will cost me?

    I hope someone can help because this is not my area of expertise. :)

    Thank you.

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    May 19, 2002
    Call up the fuel pump kits for the 1995, some of them do have filters on the pickup that can get clogged from crap in the tank.

    This is a 97, didn't see a 95 with filter -- doesn't mean one isn't there.


    Edit: But at least start with the tin can fuel filter on the line first. That might be it.

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