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    Fuel Log 3 is not a new application but a few things behind the scenes have changed. Those of you how know the original Fuel Log will notice that Fuel Log 3 is still having the same functionality. The changes are that it is now free Open Source and the name has changed from “Fuel Log” to “Fuel Log 3”.

    Fuel Log 3 is available from the App Store and a detailed description is here

    In simple words Fuel Log 3 is a fuel consumption calculator combined with a database that will let you memorize your fuel refills. It can show you the consumption graphically and supports Miles, Kilometer, Gallons, Liters.
    To keep your data save and to transfer it to a different computer you can export to Google Docs. If you have been using the previous Fuel Log you can export from Fuel Log and import into Fuel Log 3.

    Any form of feedback is appreciated. If you like it, please tell your friends, If you don’t like something in Fuel Log or Fuel Log 3 then please tell me. I am reading here, you can contact me via my blog and from time to time I tweet.

    Fuel Log 3 will continue to stay free. As the next step forward work has started on the user interface. The plan is to make it look more like the System Preference and the Address Book app. Translating it to other languages is planned, too.

    This step forward will not happen over night. Think more like “during the next months”. After all I am doing this in my spare time. :)

    Fuel Log 3 is now Open Source and a community development. Right now the community is only Olaf (me) so you are encouraged to join the development. Even if you are not a developer: If you would like to contribute for example translations, icons or other things, you will be welcome.

    - Olaf
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    Fuel Log 3 has been updated recently. It is still free and ad-free

    It will now show you the network indicator (the rotating wheel) when connecting to Google docs.

    Work is ongoing on the next version. The new GUI will be much more modern and t will be available in multiple languages. MPG's in US and Imperial Gallons and in Kilometers and Liters will remain.

    - Olaf

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