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Aug 8, 2009
Sorry. Having just noticed the software and not thinking (as usual) I didn't realise it might be camera specific.

I will go back to the Fuji site and check.

Regards. Sharkey

This the page for downloading the software I asked about.

I have yet to acquire my XT-2 so am in the dark as to "FujifilmX acquires" capabilities.

Just interested, is all:)

Regards. Sharkey


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Oct 23, 2005
Manchester, UK
Yes, I have the X-T2 and use tethering plugin with Lightroom. It's the same software as the X-T1 and GFX50S.

Works as well as any other tethering plugin - just purchase from Adobe and the Creative Cloud app will download and install it automatically.

Sucks to have to pay for it in my opinion.

I haven't used the new X-Acquire software as I wanted to tether directly to Lightroom.
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