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Sep 5, 2009
Hi all,

I could not find a dedicated accessories thread for macbook, other than the macbook thread itself.. hence posting this question here. Mod's please move the thread if its posted in the wrong section.

Coming back to my question, i've used Wrapsol in the past on all of my iPads and for iphones back protection *didnt like front protector much*, still use the portenzo book case for my ipads. Back to wrapsol.. however Wrapsol has been taken over by OtterBox, and they are now selling the rebranded protective skin as well. I am not sure about quality on this one for the macbook pro though, is there anything else you suggest? or this is the best?
I dont want the camshell based covers.
For a sleeve i plan to buy this
Here is a video

But i need a protective film for basic scratches. So what skin do you recommend?
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Sep 1, 2009
41 is a good one if you're into carbon fiber look and this is the one I use for my MBP's.


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Sep 5, 2009
0 is a good one if you're into carbon fiber look and this is the one I use for my MBP's.

Thanks, for that tip. for now i want to retain the original look, with a thin transparent film, some day when my rmbp starts looking scratchy and ugly i will cover it with a carbon film

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Nov 26, 2013
ZAGG makes clear skins for all iOS devices and current MacBooks (full body; screen is not covered on MacBooks so consider getting a separate screen protector), as well as Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad (glass parts only). They can protect from most scratches, and for iOS devices and pointing devices, drops. They are a little bit pricy but if you get it installed at a ZAGG store or kiosk, you can go back and get a replacement installed for $10 in case it has some issues. Best buy sells and installs these too, but never trust them because these use a liquid solution to install and usually Best Buy pushes the liquid into holes, ports, gaps, etc. and sprays the solution onto the device (ZAGG never does that) therefore making water damage.


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Dec 21, 2008
Protective skin

I recently bought a 15" rMBP. Like you, I had previously used Wrapsol skins. I loved them. They were the best ones I had used thus far but, as you said, you can't get them anymore. So, I went looking for new options. I settled on Ghost Armor skins. They arrived quickly and went on easily. I'm really happy with them. Really happy. Even if Wrapsol started selling theirs again, I think I'd stick with Ghost Armor now.

Give them a look. Hope they meet your needs.


PS. I have no affiliation with either company! :)
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