Full Digital Magazines on your iPhone.....


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Jan 8, 2007
ran across this bit of news this morning.
It's beta.
Web app for iPhone only
Link to original article
From Article:
July 26, 2007 -- IndustryWeek has partnered with digital publisher Texterity Inc. to launch a beta version of the first digital magazine interface and portal designed for the Apple iPhone. This is the first time users will see a publisher's complete magazine, as originally published, on the iPhone.
I Haven't had a chance to actually look at the site with my iPhone yet

Some of the full color digital magazines initially available:
• Popular Science
• ReadyMade
• Vibe
• Statement Magazine
• Make
• Craft
• Rachael Ray
• Cottage Living
• Quick & Simple
• more....


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Jul 10, 2007
magazines are pretty cool

works great - some decent mags - the page turning was not intuitive - went to their web site to learn you just press on the right or left page to turn pages