Full disc encryption AND 3rd party anti-theft system.

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    Hi. I´m having a problmem that I really can´t seem to found a solution so I try here. The thing is that i have a 3rd party anti-theft program called Undercover from Orbicule. And i would like to fully encrypt my hard drive. As FileVault don´t work together with Undercover and in Truecrypt you can´t FDE (full disk encrypt) in Mac. I would like to know if any of you guys have a solution to my problem or anything that could help me?

    For Undercover to work you need to have a dummy account with no password. This is not possible using FileVault.

    Using os X mavericks
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    Not really an answer, but with FileVault2 it works with Find My Mac via the guest account which resides on the unencrypted recovery partition.
    But I don't think you can get third party applications to work with the guest account.

    What is the overall goal?

    1) If you want to secure your data then FileVault2 will do that.
    2) if you need tracking and remote lock then FileVault2 will also do that combined with the guest account and Find My Mac. Though that relies on someone logging in to the guest account and connecting it to the internet, and you need an iCloud account.
    3) If you want to stop someone from bypassing all this then you can set a firmware password which is difficult to bypass on an older machine and requires a trip to Apple on a newer Mac.
    4) If you must use Undercover then you won't be able to encrypt your boot partition. You would have to decide what is more important to you, remote tracking or securing your data.
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