Full interview with 'Jim Reekes' (creator the Mac startup sound) [VIDEO]

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Keniff, Feb 28, 2010.

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    Half way through; Still watching... Thanks!

    He's sounding and looking more like Dwight Schrute these days.:D 35:43 - "Are you an idiot?"

    Total rock-star in the Apple Community. Sweet.

    BTW, there's a cool little iPhone App called Mactracker. It has detailed specs for pretty much all Mac hardware (no LISA) and you can play the startup chimes for each machine. (Free)
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    Jim talks about how he doesn't like the direction of iTunes on where it's doing more than "tunes", like purchasing movies and syncing/activating your iPhone. I agree there should've been a separate application for all that stuff but I also believe that Apple chose iTunes to do all those extra features because people were and are familiar with the app iTunes. When the iPhone came out I don't think it would of received the same fanfare or recognition for it's ease of use if it used iSync instead of iTunes. It's just one program that consumers have to worry about and install for all the things that they want to do. Keep it simple, stupid.

    Great interview though. I love to hear from people who worked at Apple and help you give a reality check of an "infallible company".
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    cool, that's awesome :D
    he seems like such an interesting guy... i love how he was so much to tell :)

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