Full-page Obstructive Ad appears every visit


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Sep 21, 2003
In the last couple of days a new full-page add appears when I visit macrumors.com.

The ad (always a Microsoft ad so far):
- takes over the full front page of macrumors.com, as an overlay
- has a red progress bar timer across the top marking when the ad will close automatically
- has an 'X-shaped' button on the top right to allow you to close the ad manually

The ad is one of the 'contempt for our readers' type and it's implementation takes that contempt a step farther. Heres how to reproduce the behaviour in Safari:
- when macrumors.com's front page loads, immediately scroll down the page a little
- the ad is slow to load so when it DOES load, the progress bar timer and 'X-shaped' button are obscured
- the ad remains visible on the screen
- but there is no way to scroll back up to reveal the 'X' button so the ad can be closed manually
- you are forced to wait for the ad to automatically disappear

The ad doesn't reappear every time the page is reloaded but it appears every time macrumors.com is visited by arriving from another site.

- Does macrumors.com see this ad's behaviour as an issue? If so, will this be resolved?
- Or is this how I'm going to pay you for your content EVERY time I visit your site?
- Or have you already calculated into your business model as acceptable the revenue lost to whatever fraction of your visitors choose to use ad blockers, while aggravating those visitors who choose to help you make money by avoiding ad blockers?

Hopefully its simply an implementation 'bug' that can be fixed or an oversight that can be corrected. And hopefully I'm not seen to be over-reacting.

Theres no need to reply. Thank-you for your attention!

- Safari under both MacOS 10.13.0 and 10.13.1
- only Evernote's Clipper and the 1Password extensions are installed (ie, zero ad blockers)


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Jan 20, 2005
I have not seen the specific ad you're talking about, but as a general note...if you visit MacRumors while logged in to your forum account, you shouldn't see any of those full-screen ads.


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Jan 20, 2005
^^^Yes, I have seen the LG one. That's the type of ad that can be avoided entirely by being logged into a forum account.

I have not seen the uncloseable Microsoft one described in the original post. It may be a country-specific one, in which case a screenshot and location would definitely be a help in tracking it down.