Full Retail Price on Apple Store (Verizon) - Contract Attached?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ckd38, Sep 12, 2014.

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    Sep 12, 2014
    After going through the steps (number, zip, social) for an iPhone 6 preorder on Verizon off-contract, I was surprised to be prompted to select a plan. I wanted to just continue using the family plan I had but it wasn't available so I randomly selected an option. Upon checkout, I was told besides the $749 64gb price, there was a two-year contract attached along with an upgrade fee (see below).

    Verizon Wireless CONTRACT and Rate plan details for Contract:
    Two-year commitment
    One-time upgrade fee:
    Voice Plan:Nationwide Talk & Text Family Share 700
    Data Plan: 300MB

    "Fees and rate plan charges will appear on your next Verizon Wireless bill. Additional features and/or price adjustments related to your account are not reflected in these prices."

    Now my questions are:
    1) Can I just disregard the contract and rate plans since this is a full retail unlocked iPhone 6 and just bring this new phone into a store to activate using the plan I have currently?

    2) Although I had to enter my own number when checking if I was a Verizon customer, and it seems to be attached to my number at checkout, can I give this phone to my brother who is also on our Verizon family plan with no penalty? He could just bring this phone into a Verizon store to activate for his line, right? This is what I would assume since it's unlocked as well.

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    I was wondering the exact same thing. All my experiences in the past have been an upgrade is at a discounted price while full price is not an upgrade. I would think this is just a mistake on apples part,,
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    I pre-ordered from VZW.com. Kept forcing me to select a plan and defaulting to the subsidized price. I eventually got the "no contract" price to stick and placed the order. I noticed a few minutes later when I logged in to get one for my wife, my line said upgrade eligibility as two years away. Concerned me that they attached a contract to my line despite buying it at full price (I'm currently month-to-month with unlimited data). I was relieved this morning....the "not eligible for upgrade" tag is now removed from the line I used to order the phone.
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    I hope it's a mistake, doesn't make sense why you're paying retail price and still being forced to renew. I am handing off this phone to someone in the family so I better still have my upgrade available come December when my original 2 year contact is up.
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    Wondering this too, though ATT used to do it.

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