Full Windows 7 (no Bootcamp / no Duel boot)

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by abercrombie, Jan 14, 2012.

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    Newb here. Feeling a bit cramped on my bootcamped 128mb Duel boot.

    I'm thinking of getting another SSD and just formatting complete to Windows 7. So I could swap the SSD in and out depending on the job. Doesn't seem too much of a pain, just unscrew and swap the chip in and out. Seems easier than lugging around a hard drive.

    Is this possible or does there need to be some semblance of Mac in order to run Windows on these machines?
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    You could always simply reformat your current drive,

    Back up the files you want to keep to an external drive etc.

    Insert the Mac OS X Install Disk.

    Reboot. Hold down the C key during reboot, Do not start the install. From the utilities menu, select Disk Utility.

    Select your hard drive from from the list and click the partition scheme. Click Ok.

    From the volume scheme drop down list, select 1 Partition. Select "MS-DOS" (FAT32) for the format. (Windows itself will later format this to NTFS).

    Click Apply.

    Reboot. Hold down the Alt/Option key during reboot.

    When the graphical boot menu appears, hit the eject button. Remove your OS X Disk and insert the Windows 7 disk.

    Proceed with the Windows 7 install.

    When you arrive at the screen titled "Where do you want to install Windows?", select Disk 0.

    There will be a message informing you that it cannot be installed to that disk because it is not formatted to NTFS.

    Click the Drive Options link. Click the Format link. Click OK in the confirmation dialogue.

    Now select Disk 0 and click Next.

    Windows should install as normal.

    Once Windows is installed, insert the OS X disk and install the Windows Drivers. The only purpose keeping OS X on your system now would be if it required firmware upgrades.
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    And if you need to have an firmware upgrade, you can install OSX to an external hard drive, boot it from there and run the software update.
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    Best to do that and make sure it works while you still have OS X on the internal .


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