Fullscreen speed, animations and delays


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Sep 3, 2008
Any changes in how fast applications go full screen and delays with swiping between full screen apps?

When you click the full screen icon in ML there's this animation taking the app full screen which takes a full second or so. I didn't find any way to remove that delay in ML and just pop into fullscreen without any fancy stuff. It's just a second, but using it all day it's such an annoyance because it's only eye-candy and not functional at all.

Similar with swiping between fullscreen apps (and the desktop). Every time you swipe in ML the app you're swiping to doesn't come into full focus until after the whole swipe is done. So you swipe, the swipe finished, and then the app pops into focus. This is also incredibly annoying because you can see everything, but every time you need to wait a second before you can do anything.


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Feb 16, 2013
There is still a second or so delay going full screen. There is also still a small delay when swiping between full screen apps in which you can't use the app. I doubt this 'eye-candy' will be removed.

Krazy Bill

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Dec 21, 2011
Yes, it's all still there. At least swiping between desktops didn't revert to the agonizing crawl in 10.7.