Fully loaded Blackbook or 15" base model MBP?

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Jul 7, 2006
I am having a very difficult time deciding which one to get. The price difference is $188. I made this chart (in notepad.exe :rolleyes:) of the differences between the two, what makes which one better. I still am having a hard time deciding. :(

Oh, how I wish I could afford the 17" 1920x1200 MBP. :(

Blackbook |---------| MacBook Pro
1280x800       <        1440x900
Smaller        >        Bigger
Intel GFX      <        8600M GT 128MB
Plastic        <        Aluminum
2.16Ghz        <        2.20Ghz
-------        <        Backlit Keyboard
-------        <        Expresscard/34
-------        <        Firewire 800
Camera         =        Camera
Mac OS X       =        Mac OS X
965 chipset    <        Santa Rosa
Vert view      <        Vert view angle
CCFL           <        LED Backlit
200GB          >        120GB
4200RPM        <        5400RPM
Glossy LCD     <        Matte LCD
2GB RAM        =        2GB RAM
Up to 3GB      <        Up to 4GB
Bluetooth      =        Bluetooth
wifi rec.      >        Wifi reception
DVD DL burner  =        DVD DL burner

$1741          >        $1929
The prices include the education discount and tax.

What do you think I should get? I will be using this when I go back to college. Note taking, mostly. Probably some iWork here and there. The rest would just be fun and games. :)


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Jul 26, 2005
I wouldn't go with the 200GB 4200RPM HD on the MB. It's not worth having an extra 40GB if your speed drops 1200RPM.

I would get the MBP. You'd kick yourself later if you could've gotten it but didn't. The MB isn't as expandable (FW800 or ExpressCard).

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Jul 7, 2006
The chart has definitely helped to sway me towards the MacBook Pro.

I still would really like having a black MacBook. :)

I'm actually about to order one right now... The MacBook would get here faster. :(


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Jun 9, 2004
Rochester, NY
Tough decision! :)

You said you'd be using it for games as well? Anything heavy? The MB's graphics card might be far from high-end, but it holds up pretty well in some older games like WOW and Half-Life 2. Anything like Oblivion+ will give you some problems.

Given what you'll be using it for, I would have said the Macbook, since it's smaller, more durable, and easier to carry around. But if you would be willing to get a 17", portability doesn't seem to be an issue. :)

I would go with the Pro, it seems to outweigh the MB in every category except for the size!


I'm actually about to order one right now... The MacBook would get here faster. :(
Ah, don't let a few days ruin the next few years for you. ;) If you want the Pro, the wait will certainly be worth it.

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Jul 7, 2006
I'm going with the Pro! :cool:

Got my fingers crossed to not get the bottom 1/3rd yellow, dead pixels, etc. :D


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Aug 13, 2007
noooooo....go with the blackbook before its to late!!! i luv my blackbook and i woudn't ever upgrade to a pro unless i did heavy duty editing.
save some mula and go with the mb. and get the 160hd...lol
your choice


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Feb 26, 2006
Definitely go Pro, just for the fact that you'll get much longer usage down the line is worth the small extra cost.


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Jan 6, 2004
Go with the Pro. And don't forget to order your free (after rebate) iPod nano.

Or, get the same MacBook Pro at the refurb store for $100 less ($1699)


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May 16, 2007
Seattle, WA
Wanna make it even easier? Sign up for Apple's Student Developer program and get the base MacBook for $1599 ($1699 when you factor in the $100 cost to join Developer) - now, keep in mind that the reason the price difference is so negligible is because you are paying a premium for the 200 GB drive on the BTO MacBook and getting the RAM upgrade from Apple. The stock 160 5400 RPM MacBook drive is a better value, you can use the difference to get a nice external hard drive - and you can save another $75 by getting the RAM yourself someplace else.

Still - for what amounts to under $200 - get the Pro. Had my BlackBook configuration ended up like that, I would have done that too (my differencial ended up being double that because I just got the stock BlackBook).


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May 26, 2006

its really about the budget. I say, go with blackmacbook cuz macbook pro is overkill for everything you will do. I got the sr macbook pro and realized that facebook, word processing, music, dvds, etc could be done on a cheaper and smaller laptop. trust me, portability in college is an awesome asset and though the mbp is pretty light, it takes up alot of room.

also, when you buy a mbp, you need to buy things for it and the costs go over 2000. Instead of paying 1800 for mbp with student diso****, i spent 2300 for tax, apple care, accessories, and computer.

i ended up selling it after two months. dont get me wrong, its an awesome computer, but you need to realize that computer technology is so advanced, that a cheaper computer is still unbelieably fast for your needs.

I don't game alot, and most of the games I do aren't the lastest ones so the macbook's chips will suffice.

Also, the new mbp has great battery life, but the macbook will still have slightly longer. batter life is key to me and you will like it in college for that.


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Jan 18, 2007
Go Pro. But don't get a new Pro, get the last gen. If you want a 17" then get one of the C2D models or even a CD, nothing you mentioned requires the newest model. I recommend either refurbished or Craigslist.

This way you can get the 17" plus (if you get it cheap enough) the extended warranty for the price you'd pay for a brand new one.