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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by louis_sx, Nov 30, 2005.

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    Just a fun question because I've had a blast playing with Logic Express. I don't really have any recording hardware, so most of what I do is step-input and recording of MIDI using my UX-16/Yamaha PSR-270 keyboard combination. I like to get a feel for how the music I'm not really capable of playing (or playing well on the keyboard) sounds using the Garage Band Jam Packs. I've got all four. There are some things missing from it all, such as a good saxophone section, and I was wondering what other software instrument libraries exist out there. I know of similar packs for Reason with Dr. Rex loops, NN-19 and NN-XT samples, that sort of thing, but if someone could point me towards something similar for Logic Express I'd be grateful.
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    What you are looking for are samples in EXS-24 format..

    In Logic Express there is a software instrument called the EXSP-24 ( i think that's the name) in Logic Pro it's called EXS-24..i think..

    Anyway, that's the format of samples you want..The EXSP-24 is a sampler, and you can add more samples to it by buying sample cd's. There are a lot of third party samplers (Native Instrument's Kontakt 2 is my personal fav.) And they all seem to have their own format of samples that they are capable of playing..(Kontakt 2 uses .nki Format samples)

    So, for example let's say you were looking for samples of a Steinway piano.

    You could go to a site like this, choose the format you were looking for (in your case for Logic Express it's EXS) and find something you like

    To load the samples, copy the samples to the folder where the rest of your EXS samples are from your jam packs..

    Probably somewhere in the HD>Library>Application support>Garageband, or Logic software instruments..

    That should be a good start for now..
    Good luck :)

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