Functions between separate tables in iCloud Numbers?

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  1. laszlo182 macrumors regular

    Nov 17, 2013
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    I am working in iCloud Numbers and iOS Numbers (because of iCloud Drive:rolleyes:)
    I would like to have 2 different tables but a functions operating with data in each other.
    The first table contains the amount of people. In the second there are prices. I would like to have a function in the second table that does this: [amount of people] * [price] so I can calculate the total amount of money paid and divide it by the amount of people so they will know how much to pay.

    Is it possible to do it or I have to put all the data in one table? If it could be in 2 tables it would be much much clearer (yes, I know that I can format one table so it looks like there are two but actually having two is easier and quicker).

    Thank you!
  2. bgro macrumors 65816

    Jul 6, 2010
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    Yes you can do that you just need to reference the other table in your formula.

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