(Funding in Indiegogo) AQUA SmartWatch : The Waterproof Watch Kit for iPod Nano 6

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    (Funding in Indiegogo) AQUA SmartWatch : The Waterproof Watch Kit for iPod Nano 6


    Apple iPod Nano 6 is itself a perfect digital music player, there is a 1.54" touch screen, with the amazing features of sports, fitness, etc.. When users use it as a watch, its usefulness is greater.

    However, the existing watch kits for iPod Nano6 all have a potential problem: Not Waterproof. So "AQUA" was born!

    AQUA is a waterproof watch kit for iPod Nano6,unlike ordinary ones, it has a charming appearance. Its shell is forged from aluminum alloy and then via CNC machining into its final form, after oxidation and anodic treatment, the hardness and appearance of it has reached a high level. The strap is made from soft silicone, very comfortable to wear. In addition, we use an innovative Naked Screen Technology, touch screen surface has not been covered by any protection materials (like transparent glass, plastic film, etc.), this means users can get waterproof function without sacrifice touch fluency.

    Furthermore, we also design a special accessary "JackExtender" ,which help avoid losing the waterproof funtion while listening to music. Just taking out the previously put rubber, then put on the another special one with a hole and install our JackExtender. Because JackExtender has a threaded part with an O-ring, so it can closely integrated with AQUA.

    (NOTE: JackExtender's connector is gold plated and TRRS Specification, supports remote control function)

    We know now there is a lot of watch kits for Nano in market, you may already have one. But AQUA is different from them, I think only it can play Nano greatest practicality! Electronic products hate water, but water is something that can not be avoided in daily life, so AQUA is your best choice!

    Because of the cutting of mold need a substantial budget, we need your help to production it.

    Basically, the shell will be the iPod Nano colors, including silver, blue, green, orange, purple and red (no gray, silver and gray too much like ...).

    Red is the Indiegogo Limited Editon !

    We targeting to ship your product in the late December or mid January.

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