Funky Colors and Patterns Across Screan (Bad Graphics Card?)

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by austinsamson, Oct 17, 2014.

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    Oct 17, 2014

    2010 Macbook Pro 15" with bootcamp (now uninstalled after reset to factory defaults)

    OSX Maverick

    4gig ram

    500gig hard drive

    2.4ghz intel core i5

    The image shows the problem I am having. It freezes the computer as well. It has been happening for 2 years give or take (was given the computer in 2010 by my school with apple care extending 6 months after graduation which has since expired). At first it was happening only when it got really hot (located at the very top of the keyboard where it meets the screen) while playing video games and not often so I just dealt with it for a while by downloading fan controls so I could keep the fans running at maximum. Now however, it happens whether the computer is hot or not (sometimes right when I turn it on or sometimes after 10 to 15 minutes of use) so I dont think it is a heat issue, I think heat just enables an underlying problem. I had bootcamp on there and while in windows the same thing would happen but the screen would occasionally go black and it would recover with a notification from NVidia telling me that the graphics card has crashed and recovered. What I have tried so far (mostly to make sure its not a software issue).

    Removing the bottom and cleaning out dust that may clog the fans for better cooling.
    Scanning for antiviruses (just to make sure).
    Running any mac or windows software cleaners by using Onyx or AVG's system repairs.
    Resetting the computer to factory defaults (OSX Maverick) after removing bootamp and erasing the hard drive.
    None of this has worked (although keeping the computer cool used to work)

    I'm on here because I am wondering what hardware might be faulty and if there is a cheaper way to fix this that does not involve spending a great deal of money having apple fix it for me. Seeing as it is coming up on its 5th year, I am not looking to put too much money into it (no more than 150$). I am just looking to keep it running as long as possible, I cannot afford a new laptop right now. Not a problem if it involves taking it apart and attempting to replace parts if they can be found at a low cost.


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    The 2010 models were infamous for the NVIDIAgate issue (GT 330M failures).

    Apple had a repair program for it, but it's no longer in effect.

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