Funny MBA for MBP Exchange Story "Apple Retail Store"

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by wnxgenral, Jul 2, 2008.

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    May 14, 2008
    So about 13 days ago I purchased a MBA for college... I thought at the time i'd be bringing my Desktop to college but I realized that I didn't want to do that and the MBA wouldn't suffice... Also this was my first MAC and I have since fallen in love with OSX and wanted my main system to run it! Anyways the story starts at the Apple store this morning. I go in and explain to them the situation that I wanted to trade the MBA for the 2.4 MBP (1999.99). After an hour of talking to different "specialists" 3 managers approach me about the situation and tell me that there will be NO WAY to waive the 250.00 restocking fee because the notebook has to be reformatted... so after 2 hours of aruging I'm like fine... I have 1 day to do this exchange, I'll do it. And dont get me wrong the managers were very nice... so I wait around for a bit and figure out its going to be somthing like 440 bucks to do the upgrade with the 250 restock fee and the 200 upgrade from the MBA (1799) to the MBP (1999). Finally I get some help and I'm so frustrated I don't explain anything to this guy I just tell him what I want to do... he takes all my accessories and rings me up... He goes alright sir that will be $5.08, I was like OK sounds great here is my visa and walked out! He didnt charge the restock fee and my student discount got me 200 off the system... also since I had returned the $25 USB ethernet it was credited twords the purchase... Ahhh man what a good day!

    posted from my new MBP!
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    You'll buy another Apple computer in the future?

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