Funny Mock up for BoSox and Yankees Fans


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Feb 27, 2005
Northern California
amholl said:
This could be a repost, but I thought it was great. Other stuff like it can be found @
Lol. I love the Red Soxs (and Giants), so I might be a little partial, but i found it amusing. Thanks for posting.

BTW, that site is pretty cool. Just wish the HTML was a little better.


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Apr 21, 2003
washington dc
not bad... will have to see how this season plays out... both the yankees and sox could use some bullpen help before making another title run...


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Apr 19, 2004
I have to hand it to Ramirez. I mean the Green Monster thing. I wish he didn't return in time and a long fly ball went into left field and no one was their to get it. talk about a in stadium home run. :D I also loved when he stole 2nd, he slid and his helmet fell off so he got up and got it, and was tagged out since he got off the base. He should be a comedian when he retires. Oh yeah, Go Yankees.


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Jul 14, 2005
Koodauw said:
Sorry so many years I lost count.
I would rather have the greatest comeback in history over all those purchased championships...makes for a better story.