Funny Steve Jobs video.

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    Please don't take this as an incitement, but I don't miss Steve Jobs.

    The personality cult around him wasn't good for Apple, and certainly hasn't been good for Tim Apple.

    He had some hits - which everyone remembers. And some misses, which fewer remember ("my Cube is cracked", or "I'm holding it wrong").

    His worst miss was to remove oversight from Jony Ive - that guy is dangerous. "Design" is what makes a product useful. "Style" makes it pretty. Too many Ive products have "style" but not "design".
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    steve didn't remove the reins on Ive as much as Tim Apple has. The drive to be skinny and light has taken off to new heights and lightness. I just yesterday scrapped an HP notebook that had thin cast magnesium strips up the side that were really extremely light, but added significant strength the chassis. It would n't take much for Apple to place thin steel bars, or even magnesium bars up the sides of the iPad that would go a hell of a long way to make the damn things horribly bend proof. Not even a fraction of a gram, but they would rather keep them 'skinny', and 'light'. Stupid is as stupid does. But then Tim Apple isn't the 'design guy', and apparently is just the 'management guy', and lets the design guys put our emaciated fragile crap.
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    There is no doubt that steve was an *******. He used people, and beat people relentlessly to get what he wanted out of them. Is it that bad that people kept doing their best? That people liked being involved in a company that was doing great things? He may have been an *******, but the company didn't have them locked in to stay.

    I worked for an ******* once, and knew full well he was an *******. Yet the stuff I did, and was able to do there was some great stuff. Sure, he got to me at times, but one of the things that I liked was that he was very 'results orientated', which meant that if I got things done, he was totally cool with it. I got other people to get their stuff done too. He said I had a habit of asking for forgiveness rather than permission, but to get 'it' done, whatever 'it' was, sometimes I had to go outside the normal process, the normal channels. But the one thing that got to me was how he liked to play favorites against other people in the department. Yet, somehow, I ended up being his favorite before I quit. It was a pretty surreal feeling, and telling him I was quitting made him smile, which was odd.

    steve got **** done. He was an effective person. He had his flaws, but bottom line, he got **** done. If you have an iPod, he got it to be what it was. *shrug*
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    Amen to that. Miss his wit, charm and clarity.

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